Meet the Creatives: Amy Shamblen


Meet Amy!

Amy is a designer and photographer based in Akron, Ohio. Amy specialises in bright and colorful content creation. When she's not photographing, you can find Amy playing with her spunky pups or eating lots of popcorn.

Q&A with Amy Shamblen

How would you describe your creative style?
Uplifting, bubbly, and colorful with a slight twist of surrealism.


What kind of equipment do you use?
I always use my trusty ol' Canon EOS 550D, typically with my 50mm prime lens and two monolights.

Can you tell us what you think about this week's creative challenge theme 'Eye candy'?
I'm all about fun visuals! I always love experimenting with candy and colorful props and I feel the Eye Candy theme is such a perfect fit.

Can you share some of your favourite images you have created and why you love them?


I just really love donuts and was excited to make a word with them, haha.


The cups were originally just going to be pink, but I decided to play around and try something different—it was fun experimenting with all the color schemes.


I always love photographing with my little co-worker, Tokaj! His facial expressions make my day and I love capturing them.

Amy is the guest host of our 'Trick or Treat' photo challenge this week (October 29-November 4, 2018)

Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Amy's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @amyshamblen