Project paint: Meet the creative behind the revolving door of colour


Meet Marita!

I started out on Instagram to let the creative side of me evolve. I have always enjoyed being creative and this was just another way to better myself so to speak. I love the fact there are so many other amazingly creative people here on Instagram that I could learn from and in a lot of cases, make lasting friendships with.

There is so much encouragement from this creative community and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of it. I started taking part in Creatively Squared challenges right from day one and I have loved it ever since.

Then there is the whole other part to my Instagram account which of course is my one of a kind, ever changing coloured door - hence my Instagram name @that_coloured_door_69. It all started after I took a trip to the UK and saw all the coloured doors. I came home absolutely inspired to paint my door which I first did in December 2016 and the rest as they say is history. After another trip to the UK in 2018 I visited Notting Hill and Primrose Hill which cemented the fact that I needed to keep my coloured going as the colours I can paint her are endless. I love its quirkiness and it also allows my creative side to go wild.


Q&A with Marita

How would you describe your creative style?
Ohh dear, that's a hard one! I would say its ever evolving, a little bit quirky (I mean who has a door that changes colour every month) light hearted and fun. I like my posts to reflect who I am.  

What kind of equipment do you use?

At the moment I just use my trusty iPhone 8+ but have just bought a Canon camera and looking at doing a course to learn how to use it - I can't wait


Can you tell us why you love this week’s “On The Bed” creative challenge theme?

When I was asked to be a guest host I was absolutely honoured and so excited. Like I said before I've been taking part in Creatively Squared challenges since the very beginning. I think I even won the first ever challenge I participated in! So to be back three years later as a guest host blows me away and I just feel proud.

Hosting this weeks challenge is extra special to me as I have been known this week’s sponsor Cheree from The Pillow Slip Store for a couple of years now. I adore her products and we have a special friendship. I may have quite the collection of King Size pillowslips too!


Cheree has gorgeous style and her business is so unique. I also love the fact that she supports so many other small businesses out there. When I put my very first order in from her online store, Cheree inboxed me after seeing my delivery address, as it turns out we grew up in the same area just one town away from each other - what a small world!

We love following your monthly coloured front door project, what inspired you to do this?
I was inspired to first paint my door after a trip to the UK and seeing all the coloured doors. My first coloured door was a red door for Christmas and I loved the look of it so much I just knew I had to keep it coloured. After that there were so many colours to pick from so I just thought I’d have to keep changing it’s colour every month. As far as creative projects go it’s pretty quirky and one of a kind but I couldn’t imagine the door any other way.

Our beautiful 84 year old home was built by my husband Mark’s grandparents and his nan lived here right up until she passed away. She was so happy to know that we were buying the house from her estate and that it would always be in the family.

She started painting the door when she lived her. First it was lemon with a white trim and then later it was then grey with a black trim so it’s had a colourful life this 84 year old door of mine.

49756228_605539349907588_4062969158074970825_n (1).jpg

How do you pick the colour each month?
I usually have no idea what colour I will do but I start planning it a couple weeks before with a visit to Bunnings. Usually I know straight away when I see a colour that it’s THE ONE but sometimes I will put it to a Instagram vote if I’m undecided which is always fun

You must be pretty good at painting it now, how long does it take you?
I’m pretty good at painting her now & from start to finish which includes sanding and taping off parts it takes me between 45 -60 mins

Marita is the guest host of our “On The Bed” themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Marita’s photos on her Instagram account @that_coloured_door_69