Brand stories: Bracelets and charms for a cause


The story of United Bracelets with Founder James Skinner

United Bracelets launched in late 2017 when a group of friends from Melbourne, Australia brainstormed an amazing idea. They noticed that people yearned for bracelets that embodied the Australian outdoor lifestyle. What they discovered led them on a journey to create beautiful handmade bracelets and personalised jewellery. Fast forward to today and United Bracelets stocks an ever-expanding range, and donates 10% of its profits to local charities.

Q&A with James

Why did you decide to utilise Creatively Squared to create your brand’s visual content?Launching a new brand that nobody new in a highly-competitive industry meant we needed to stand out. Luckily, Creatively Squared allowed us to produce visually stunning images for a great price. Now we can focus on other aspects of our business while dominating in visual content.


How does United Bracelets use content to build its brand?
These days, social media and social proof is critical to any emerging brand, particular one like ours that creates visually stunning products. Creatively Squared allowed us to take it to the next level by creating custom visual content for Facebook and Instagram that stands out from the crowd. We’ve literally tripled our engagement and growth on social media thanks to the content that's been produced for us.


What would be your advice to a brand thinking about organising authentic lifestyle content of their products?
Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket these days so it’s almost expected that any brand should have great visual content. Unfortunately, the average Instagram post or product photo just doesn’t cut it anymore so a small investment in professional authentic lifestyle content is a must.

What is your favourite image from Creatively Squared?
Maybe it’s our sweet tooth but we love this photo! It’s stylish, warm, and invites us to savour the sweeter things in life!


What are your personal favourite brands, blogs, websites?
Our store is powered by Shopify so we love staying up to date with the Shopify Blog and utilising other online resources such as Influencive. Facebook groups such as Shopify Entrepreneurs are a value resource to connect merchants and developers.

What's next for United Bracelets?
We’re super excited to continue to expand our range of products and refine our existing ones. As our brand develops, we hope to see growth in markets outside Australia.


Follow United Bracelets on Instagram @unitedbraceletsau and Facebook and shop the collection at