Meet the Creatives: Kim Palmer


Meet Kim!

Australian Shellharbour based creative takes fun beautiful (and relatable) snapshots of her daily life and adventures with her adorable family. Kim has 2 babies, a 3 year old girl named Holly (who inspired her instagram handle @the_hollytree) and her 6 month-old dreamboat Aiden. Kim is engaged to their daddy and is planning to get married some time in the next couple years. Kim has always loved being creative, from fine art drawing when she was younger and to now with her love of creative photography.


Q&A with Kim

How would you describe your creative style?
Natural and very in the moment. I generally go with the flow. I do love my pops of colour. I find bright colours, even in the clothes I wear always change my mood.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use a Canon M10 and every now and then my iPhone 8 Plus although I’m still getting use to using it for my photos.


Can you tell us why you love the theme "Snapshots" you are hosting this week?
What I love about this theme is how it inspires people to capture moments. Or look back and enjoy a moment that has been and gone sometimes reliving the moment brings back all those feel good memories. And who doesn’t want that warm fuzzy feeling a snapshot can bring.

Can you share 3 of your favourite images you have created and tell us and why you love them


So I rarely do black and white images but when every now and then I capture a moment I want to freeze and I feel black and white portraits do this. This particular one is the first real eye contact my son made when he was only a few weeks old. So it brings back those warm and fuzzy feelings.


This photo is actually an old entry into one of Creatively Squared challenges from maybe a year ago and it’s one of my favourite of me and Holly. It’s that perfectly imperfect balance of motherhood when your trying to find the zen but your toddler would rather do her own thing. 😂


I’m not 100% why I love it. It just makes me laugh. But I do love how much depth this portrait has as well.

Kim is the guest host of our 'Snapshots' photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Kim's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @the_hollytree