Meet the Creatives: Marisa Young

Q&A with Marisa Young

Tell us a little about yourself Marisa:
I’m an Architect by profession but I’m currently taking time out since having my first child. My instagram is my creative outlet. I love faffing, styling and arranging things neatly...I find it very therapeutic and rewarding on so many levels.

More recently I have been photographing my daughter and sharing my journey since becoming a mother, all still arranged neatly of course which I am kind of addicted to. I probably flatlay and arrange my daughter more now than inanimate objects!

I am also a HUGE supporter of small business so I love using my creativity and feed to spread the love.

Marisa and her daughter Eilionoir May

Marisa and her daughter Eilionoir May

How would you describe your creative style?
Neat. Purposeful. Calm.

Through my architectural background, my eye is well trained to design principles such as composition, rule of thirds, balance and symmetry [or more appropriately asymmetry] so this is often reflected in my flatlays and photography. Even though my images may look simple, hours of thinking and planning go into each and every one of them.

Tell us about how you take your beautiful photos
I certainly don’t have a sophisticated photography setup, far from it! I long for a studio space of my own but for now I work with what I’ve got. Natural light and white walls are my best friends. All my flatlays are taken on my iPhone 6s and done on my daughter’s bedroom floor as it has the best light in our house.

I do use a mix of photos from my iPhone and my Canon DSLR. The more I experiment with the manual settings on my DSLR the more I use it and love using it. I use a very old Canon EOS 550D that I inherited from my father in law which reignited my love of photo taking. I am now desperate to upgrade to a better camera and further my photography. I do all my editing on my iPhone using VSCO and Snapseed...these apps are just so quick and easy to use!


In honour of this week’s creative challenge theme, tell us about how you use letters to complement your creative picture making
Well if you follow along on my Instagram, you will know I’m a lover of using letters of all sorts in my styling. I love the mix of the bold nature of typography with pretty elements such as flowers and florals. I’m a little obsessed with my letterboards, an obvious epitome of letters. I purchased one from America years ago when no one locally was doing them yet. I now have three different ones. I just love a good quote on a letterboard. The monochrome boldness of them suits my personal aesthetic perfectly too, and they can also add a bit of personality and humour to an image as well as a talking point.

I have also recently completed a hand lettering workshop so I’m having fun playing around with my own hand lettering too.

What are some of your favourite images that you have created and why do you love them:


This is one of my all time favourite flatlays. I love arranging things neatly, especially stationary, and this flatlay practically arranged itself. The colours, the arrangement, that peony bloom...everything just works. I also did this at one of my first ever flatlay workshops so I don’t think I will ever do another flatlay I am more proud of.


This is one of my favourite pics [or flatlays] of my darling girl taken when she was 9 months old. I love her expression and her big brown eyes. I love the mix of the typography on her onesie with the florals of the headband and sheet. I love it.


We are slowly renovating our little house and we recently completed a stage of the kitchen. It may be a simple image but it embodies a lot of hard work and the creation of a beautiful space which we now spend a lot of our family time. Obviously I had to have a letterboard in it too! It was at Christmas so I may have taken inspiration from a certain Christmas movie.

Marisa is the guest host of our  'Letters' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Marisa's beautiful photos on her Instagram account @marisa.young