Meet the creative entrepreneur capturing emotion through timeless jewellery design


Meet Kate!

Kate Sutton, founder of Uberkate

Kate Sutton, founder of Uberkate

Kate Sutton is a creative entrepreneur and talented maker who puts her heart and soul into the jewellery designs that she crafts by hand. Kate loves helping families tell their stories through personalised heirlooms that they can treasure forever.

The founder of Uberkate has followed this passion for storytelling into a thriving business creating timeless keepsakes from her home studio in Sydney, Australia. Her supportive husband encouraged her to chase her dreams and now joins her in the running of their family business as well as the raising of their two beautiful children. Kate is an avid stand-up paddleboard fan and harbours a not-so-secret chocolate and ice cream addiction. 

In addition to launching her own line of jewellery, Kate is an ambassador for Global Sisters, an organisation that helps train women in Australia to create and craft from their own kitchen benches with the aim of improving their financial lives and those of their families. 

Q&A with Kate Sutton

How would you describe your own personal creative style?
My creative style evolves each season. I’m always drawn to the organic in my shapes and I love to make perfectly imperfect pieces. The last few years I have fallen head over heels for gemstones and sourcing them is one of my greatest passions. I don’t like fussy design, but I don’t shy away from working with large stones! I like to make a statement with my jewellery and I love that fact that no matter what size we are our jewellery always fits!


What inspired/led you to start your own line of jewellery?
I was working as a TV producer at Channel 9 and doing jewellery on the side when I fell pregnant with my first baby. I created the Ubercircles (our signature personalised/ customised to your specs) design and wore them with my daughters name hand stamped on them when I was working and we were apart. The stylists at Channel 9 noticed them and soon a few on-air friends were wearing them, so I set up a website and before I knew it I had a business on my hands. I didn’t even know what the word entrepreneur was back then. This was 15 years ago and we have been crafting these circles for families worldwide ever since.

In honour of this week’s theme, can you tell us about what ‘Happy Hour’ means to you?
Happy hour for me is when my little family of four is all home and we are sitting around a delicious meal (even better if I didn’t make it) and we ask each other “what was your favourite part of the day”... I have a lovely glass of wine in my hand and I’m happy in my heart. My family is everything.

We think it’s great that you create sentimental heirlooms for families, what are three products from your collection that most inspire and delight you?
I still love and wear my Ubercircles whenever I travel and I’m away from my little gang. They anchor me and are a timeless design.


I'm currently IN LOVE with our new Sea Marine Everyday Cocktail Rings. The colour is out of this world.


The pieces that most inspire me are from the Living Collection. I hand carved the originals from wax to look like growing, living Vines.

What will you be looking for when you judge this week's challenge?
I will be looking for that heart flutter, an image that stops me in my tracks... not just for the beauty or composition, but for the story it tells.

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You can see more of Kate's beautiful jewellery collection on her Instagram account @uberkatejewels and at her website