Meet the creatives: Jenna Staples


Q&A with Jenna Staples

Tell us a little about yourself Jenna:

I’m a very proud mama of two darlings Fynn and Freya, and a rascal of a dog Charlie. I absolutely love tea, I have a drawer dedicated to it in my kitchen! My other love is flowers, I can’t walk down the street without literally stopping to smell the roses. My dear husband has never once been on Instagram, or seen my account, but will often bring me home flowers for my “flatlay thingies”.

How would you describe your creative style?

My images are quite busy, yet people often say they look very calm. My style is soft and pretty.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.00.35 am.png

What kind of photography equipment do you use? 

Being a busy mum time is always of the essence, there’s never a minute to set up a tripod or lighting. Photos are shot in natural light on my iphone and edited in snapseed.

In honour of this week’s theme, tell us about how you are inspired by the idea of ‘Giving’

Giving is such an important part of society, whether it be your time, gifts, or home grown produce/home made baking. Giving always makes me feel so incredibly good.  

Show us three of your favourite images that you have created and tell us why you love them:


I love this one simply because it’s of two of my favourite things - peonies and cupcakes!


This pic will always be a favourite as it’s the first photoshoot I did with my daughter, she was only days old and my adrenalin was running so high after her birth. One look at this reminds me of those incredibly special days.


This was created for a Creatively Squared challenge with the theme of Botanicals. I am so inspired by nature.

Jenna is hosting this week's 'Giving' themed challenge and will be featuring her favourite entries all week on the Creatively Squared Instagram account. You can follow Jenna on Instagram at @alovelyspace