Meet the creatives: Melissa Barraclough

Meet Melissa! 

Originally from South Africa, Melissa has also called America home and now lives in Scotland with her children. She is a dedicated mother of six and loves spending time outdoors exploring with her kids. Like many of us, photography is Melissa's creative outlet and her soft feminine aesthetic is cosy and inviting. Melissa's charming compositions feature florals and drapery with a touch of vintage charm. She has been a long time contributor to our Creatively Squared community and has a challenge win under her belt. We are so pleased to welcome her as a creative host this week so we can all get to know her a lot better!


Q&A with Melissa

How would you describe your creative style?

I guess I would describe my style as whimsical.

What kind of photography equipment do you use? 

I use a Canon which I love! I edit in Lightroom and sometimes in Photoshop and I always use natural light for my photography

In honour of this week’s theme, tell us about your favourite backdrop:

My favourite backdrop is the White Wood from Mini Backdrops, as it is a very versatile backdrop whether you photograph flowers, food or products. It is white with just the right amount texture, so as not to be too busy and distract from what you are trying to photograph.

Show us three of your favourite images that you have created and tell us why you love them

Melissa Flowers.jpeg

I love this photo as it incorporates all the things that I really love to work with; beautiful flowers, ribbon and interesting props. Also, the backdrop is neutral with just a little bit of texture, so the flowers and props can be the focus.

Melissa ribbon.jpeg

I have been working on some Christmas photos for a client. I went on the hunt for some beautiful yet interesting props that really add that extra special look. I love this photo as it includes a few of my favourite props that I found.

Melissa Teapot.jpeg

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love tea. Whether it's a cup or this lovely cast iron teapot, I always try to add them to my photos. I love this photo as it includes my favourite teapot, gorgeous ribbon, the beautiful wax flowers and my favourite book on wild flowers.

Melissa will be guest hosting on the @creativelysquared Instagram account this week featuring her favourite challenge entries. Please show us your favourite backdrops (entry details here) and drop by and say hello!

Follow Melissa on Instagram at @melissa.barraclough