Meet the creatives: Aravis Dolmenna


All about Aravis

I've probably already said that I am an English woman of a "certain age" I live with my partner of 30 years, we have three grown sons. My day job is in construction but I try to spend a few minutes every day doing something creative. I have drawn, written and sewn my whole life, and love the fact that @instagram adds an additional purpose to these activities, it has been a great pleasure and compliment to have had some of my work published and sold.

How would you describe your creative style?

I would describe my style as "whimsical" certainty not to be taken too seriously.

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

I only use my iPhone, I don't use  edits and try to only use natural light, I like to just use the things around me it's a sort of game to try and make something from nothing.

In honour of this week’s theme, tell us about your favourite travel memory:

I love the travel theme of this week's challenge, although I have not traveled widely, S and I take a road trip in Europe each summer, there is something wonderful about waking each day not knowing exactly where you will spend the next night, often the best memories are from the days that didn't go to plan, the map that I used to make the roses for my picture is from one such day:

We woke on the Slovenian border to heavy rain, and more heavy rain to the north and to the south, there is a window on the Croatian coast, it was a "possible" on our itinerary, so we decide to race the weather, was it a good idea? It didn't seem like it when we were aquaplaning down a motorway, avoiding the debris from a BMW 4x4 which had spun out of control and hit the central reservation, all air bags deployed, the driver standing, dazed in the fast lane with an umbrella, it didn't seem like a good idea when hail stones like marbles were bruising our hands and legs. Or when we were riding past bullet pocked buildings in the middle of nowhere, but when we were standing on the shores of the Adriatic watching the sun go down, with the storm at our back... Well then, we felt like Heroes

Show us three of your favourite images that you have created:

Aravis banana.jpg
Aravis water art.jpg
Aravis zebra.jpg

Aravis will be guest hosting on the @creativelysquared Instagram account this week featuring her favourite challenge entries. Please show us your travel inspired images (entry details here) and drop by and say hello!

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