10 creators on Tiktok sharing epic photo hacks and behind the scenes footage

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Ruth Stephensen
10 creators on Tiktok sharing epic photo hacks and behind the scenes footage

TikTok was once the realm of teenage girls, lip-sync videos and viral dance moves. Fast forward to 2021 and now it’s a rich source of educational and entertaining content.

TikTok has quickly become a go-to platform for visual content creators of all backgrounds, interests, and capabilities.

Whether you’re trying to amass a following or hone your craft, there are endless opportunities on TikTok to learn and be inspired.

Need proof? Here are 10 incredible TikTok creators who share epic photo hacks, how-to guides, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Jordi Koalitic @jordi.koalitic

Jordi koalitic's tiktok profile and three of his photography tutorial and editing contents such as cosmos, upside down trick and shooting with Cupra

Ever wondered how videographers and photographers create such unique, spellbinding footage? Follow Jordi Koalitic!

This talented creator uses TikTok to reveal the secrets behind his photographic wizardry. A quick peek at his profile showcases the true potential of your smartphone camera. You’ll learn simple tricks of the trade and creative techniques that deliver powerful visual results every time.

Wonguy @wonguy

Wonguy's tiktok profile and three of his tiktok contents such as phone tricks and behind the scenes of unboxing video

One of the most followed photographers on the platform, Wonguy’s TikTok is another awesome source of creative inspiration.

Trust us, the images he captures on his iPhone are out-of-this-world amazing…especially if you love Paris. The best part?

He teaches you all the hacks and techniques you need to replicate them.

Evan Naka @evan_naka

Evan Naka's tiktok profile and three of his titkok tutorial contents such as behind the scenes of making home food commercial and levitating spinning cube

Want to learn how big brands capture winning shots for their marketing campaigns?

Evan Naka’s epic TikTok profile’s where it’s at!

A pro photographer and videographer, he takes you behind-the-scenes on his commercial shoots. From food photography to fashion, you’ll see how Evan sets up the shoot and leverages creative techniques to take winning snaps every time.

Pye Jirsa @bornuncreative

Pye Jirsa's tiktok profile and three of his tutorial contents such as using any camera and backlighting, simple framing hack and iphone landscape hacks

The self-professed purpose of Pye Jirsa’s TikTok is simple: To help you take better photos.

It doesn’t take a professional pundit to realize he’s succeeding! Among others, you’ll learn how to edit in record time, take perfect portraits, pose for photos, and leverage the landscape around you for fun framing effects.

Ashley Xu @ashhasacamera

Ashley Xu's tiktok profile and three of her videograhy contents such as sabra hummus challenge inside her dorm

Want to learn how to film a pro commercial in your dorm room?  Looking for general tips, gear suggestions, and insights on improving your photography skills? Ashley Xu’s got your back.

Karen X Cheng @karenxcheng

Karen X Cheng's tiktok profile and three of her camera trick contents such as bullettime selfie, fingerboard tricks, and tiktok stitch with alexdwong

If budget creativity is your jam, then you’ll love Karen X Cheng’s TikTok account.

Her entertaining how-to videos teach all sorts of clever ways to record insane footage without the fancy equipment. Our favorite? Replacing thousand-dollar drone poles with telescoping painting poles!

Alisha Cohen @lishcreative

Alisha Cohen's tiktok profile and three of her photgraphy contents such as flowerfield tricks, product photography and fishingline photo hack

Colorful, creative, and endlessly engaging, Alisha Cohen’s skills as a photographer are tailor-made for TikTok.

It’s no wonder she boasts hundreds of thousands of followers! Get ready for cost-effective hacks, how-to guides, and quirky ideas for DIY backdrops and video props.

Claudia @thosemomentsofmine

Perfectly Claudia's tiktok profile and three of her contents such as honeycomb photography, water shot tricks, and diy beach photography

All budding photographers with big dreams should visit PerfectlyClaudia’s TikTok, where supreme product photography and creative insights combine.

Check out her profile for a masterclass on lighting, color, and composition. With editing insights thrown in for good measure, it won’t take long to boost your capabilities with a camera.

Daryna Barykina @daryna_barykina

Daryna Barykina's tiktok profile and three of her photography tricks such as food plating tricks, use of hair blower and different light directions

Fashion and beauty photographers don’t get much better than Daryna Barykina.

This talented creator has an impressive eye for detail and a special knack for finding the ideal composition. Anybody interested in photoshoots, portraiture, and modelling should visit her account to get an inside view on commercial photography.

Josh Peters @josh.peters

Josh Peters' tiktok profile and three of his photography contents such as sunset photography, panning technique on Bentley car, and featuring first ever transparent TV

When it comes to filmmaking and photography, Josh Peters knows it all and shares his creative expertise with his TikTok followers. Whether you want DIY hacks or quick-and-dirty tips on taking pro product photos, Josh is your guy.


Use TikTok for Visual Content Inspiration & Ideas

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