Top visual trends connecting toddler nutrition brands with parents

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Top visual trends connecting toddler nutrition brands with parents

All mothers and fathers want to make the right choice for their children and any decisions that can enhance their wellbeing are carefully considered. Due to this, any brands that wish to connect with parents must be able to clearly communicate the benefits of their products and how they help a child's growth, development and learning.

In digital placements, visual brand messaging is most effective when it is native to the platform it is being shared on. The goal is to have your audience willingly absorb the content of your post or promotion because it blends seamlessly into their user experience. Anything that looks too commercial risks being instantly dismissed due to disinterest or ad fatigue.

Telling the right stories through your photo and video content, as well as presenting them in a captivating manner, is key to connecting with family audiences. To show you the best way to do this we examined the social media accounts of a number of leading toddler milk and nutrition brands and highlighted some key trends that can help you make a meaningful connection.

Read our guide to the different types of native photo and video content that toddler milk brands can use to visually communicate the benefits of their products.

Content Trend #1 Learning and play

Visuals showing kids learning and exploring the world, supported by the product.

Thriving toddlers are active and inquisitive. This style of image places the product at the centre of their development and shows how proper nutrition can support them to learn each day.

Content Trend #2 Bonding time with parents

Visuals showing kids being nurtured and cared for by their parents

All toddlers need love and support from their parents or caregivers to thrive. These images tell a story of loving parents making the best choice in nutrition for their child.

Content Trend #3 Happy Toddlers and Tins

Visuals showing happy 'customers' and the product

This style of image allows the product to shine front and centre with the context of a happy customer. Minimal styling or background elements keeps the visual message clear - We love it!

Content Trend #4 Healthy diet and recipes

Visuals showing how the product supports a healthy lifestyle.

From serving suggestions to innovative step-by-step video recipes featuring the product. This style of content positions your product as an essential part of a child's nutritional needs.

Content Trend #5 Whimsical lifestyle photos

Images capturing the magic of childhood, without products featured.

Show the little moments of kids being kids in their natural, everyday environments. This style of content is highly relatable and will help develop an emotional connection with your audience

Source: @biostimeau @littleoakcompany @bubsaustralia

When it comes to their little ones, emotions are heavily involved in any parents purchasing decision. It is advantageous for brands in the toddler nutrition industry to share highly relatable content that enables the customer to imagine firsthand how the use of a product can help their family.

Building trust with your potential customers is vital and the more 'human' you can make your brand feel, the easier this is. Using imagery like the above examples, that are visually consistent with the type of content consumed on social media, helps a brand appear more warm and authentic.

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