Secrets to successful styling using avocados

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Chrizelle Monique Sta. Cruz
Secrets to successful styling using avocados

Did you know your next star photoshoot prop could be lurking in your fridge right now?

Fresh ingredients always look amazing in photoshoots and brands love to feature the key ingredients of their products. One fruit that gets quite a workout in our brand galleries is the humble avocado.

Yes, you heard it right—there are other things that you can do with avocados than just mashing them up. They can be tricky to work with so we will show you our top techniques to keep your avocados looking ultra-fresh for your next product shoot.

Are you up for the challenge? Get an avo-cardio workout with these styling hacks!

Firm and fresh

Unlike the perfect breakfast ingredient, underripe avocados make the best props. They look fresher and have a better pop of green colour. Firmer fruit is also easier to cut and handle on set, giving you a much smoother surface to photograph.

Suave shampoo and conditioner set against a brown backdrop surrounded by unripe avocado halves and flat round glasses with water drops

Prolong your shoot by adding lemon

Squeeze lemon juice over your cut avocado to stop it from turning brown. The citric acid from the lemon delays the browning process, giving you more time to photograph a fresh-looking avocado. Then, you can edit any blemishes out in post-production.

Avocado cut in half set in small amount of water with ripple effect


Give your seed a glow up

Want to achieve a glossier look for your avocado? You can carefully cut through the thin brown shell of the seed to reveal a lighter color and a fresh new look.

With a bit of practise you can even cut out the seed and leave the shell attached to the inside of the avocado to create a beautiful organic texture like the picture below.

2 avocados cut in halves set in water with ripple effect and water droplets

Pop it and prop it

If you are removing the seed, you can re-integrate it into your composition as an interesting prop. This prop adds a more interesting detail or element to your overall photo.

Pond's sheet mask with avocado extract sachet placed in front of a white slab with avocado cut in half set against a light green backdrop

When one avo just isn't enough

You don’t need 12 avocados to get a repeated pattern, take one good avocado image and clone it in post-production. Check out our blog on how to create repetition in your image with a quick way to clone objects with Photoshop.

Avocados cut in half cloned as repeated pattern on a pastel orange background

Now you don’t have to become a master prop stylist to create eye-catching product images. With these simple styling hacks and some more practice and experiments, you can absolutely create product photos that stand out from the crowd.

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