Create repetition in your image with a quick way to clone objects with Photoshop

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Create repetition in your image with a quick way to clone objects with Photoshop

Ever wanted to create a fun pattern or repetition effect but only had one item or product to photograph?

All you need is a little computer wizardry and you can have as many items in frame as you want.

With the magic of Photoshop, you can clone any object and create a beautifully laid pattern - or even a fun stop motion video with your item multiplying in front of your eyes

This effect is so simple if you have photographed your item onto a plain backdrop. Watch these video demonstrations to see how it works.

Select the object

Start by selecting the object that you want to clone by drawing around it with the Lasso  Tool. The Lasso Tool is the simplest selection tool to use as it allows you to make freehand selection around the object or area you want to select.

Create a duplicate

After you have made your selection, create a duplicate of the object on a new layer. You can quickly do so by pressing CTRL + J (Win) or CMD + J (Mac). This will create a new layer with the cut out of the object you have selected.


Drag and drop

Create more duplicates easily by holding Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) and drag the duplicated object anywhere on the canvas.

Go forth and multiply!

Simply repeat the process to create more duplicates. Once they are all on seperate layers you can experiment with arranging them in different ways, from geometric patterns to more organic arrangements.

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