Inspiring Creator Series: Michael Hoss from Haas House

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Inspiring Creator Series: Michael Hoss from Haas House

Haas House is a photography company founded by Michael Hoss and his wife Brittany that is well-known for its vibrant and striking product images. Michael, a former graphic designer, contributes his artistic abilities and keen interest in color and composition to the studio.

Along with Brittany, Michael has been honing his photography skills at Haas House for the past year by concentrating on product and brand photography. Their collective desire to advance personally and professionally has only grown over time, and it now extends to helping others do the same. By generously sharing his expertise and engaging in thought-provoking conversation, Michael actively participates in giving back to his community.

The creative duo's decision to focus on teaching others has been well received by their rapidly growing audience of close to 100,000 people. We know this is just the beginning for Haas House because they recently collaborated on their first styling course, Styling with a Purpose, with the inspiring folk at Moodelier.

We had a virtual interview with Michael to learn more about him and his creative process up to that point. Continue scrolling down if you'd like to share in some of his wonderful creative energy.

Meet the creative and colorful crew behind Haas House, Michael and Brittany Hoss. Source: Haas House

Meet Michael Hoss

Hey there friends, I’m Michael Hoss. Together with my partner Brittany, we are Haas House from Springfield, Missouri! Brittany and I got married in Nashville where we lived for 10 years. We moved to Oklahoma about a year and a half ago.

Michael has a beautiful and intentional way with color harmonies like this triadic scheme. Learn more about color harmonies from Michael himself in his guest blog here. By the way, Brittany is the in-house hand model. Source: Haas House

What are some things people might not know about you?

  1. I dropped out of college to tour in a pop-rock band - I played guitar.
  2. I started my visual creative journey as a graphic designer.
  3. I love to play Overwatch! I hit the Top 500 at my peak.

We'd love to find out how you got started as a product photographer?

I was getting extremely burnt out with graphic design and needed another creative outlet. I picked up a camera and started shooting. I moved from portraits to editorial to product photography.

Michael often shares the behind the scenes from his studio shoots and shows us how he nails his stunning aesthetic. Source: @haashouse_

What equipment do you currently use to produce your images and video?

Camera: Nikon Z7ii/Z6ii with a 105 macro lens is my go-to for in-studio shoots.

Tripod: Manfrotto - I forget which one, but it cost around $500

Lighting: I’ve switched from Godox to Paul C Buff back to Godox. Various lights include AD200, 400, 600, and random speed lights.

You actually share a lot of knowledge about lighting, do you have a favourite lighting setup?

Woow that’s a tough one. Usually, something that takes way more setup than necessary! Playing with different effects is one of my favorite things to do. As long as I have a reason to use a rim light, I’m happy.

Lighting is another one of Michael’s passions and he is always sharing his lighting setups and experimenting with different techniques to push his creative boundaries. Source: @haashouse_


Do you have any advice to share with aspiring product photographers?

Stop trying to figure it all out and shoot. Action beats perfection. We feel like we have to have it all figured out before picking up the camera. It’s just not true. And don’t get stuck down the rabbit hole of watching endless YouTube videos. You forget most of what you learn if you don't put it into practice. If you learn something, put it to use, so it sticks.

Make it a priority to purchase memberships or courses from the creators you look up to. They’re literally handing you the keys to success. We spend thousands every year on courses and memberships. Learning never stops.

Your behind the scenes reels are very popular, any advice for creatives wanting to produce this type of content?

Make stuff that you would find interesting! Don’t replicate what someone else is doing, do what feels right to YOU. Create content that you would love to stumble upon. I guarantee there are people that will love it as much as you do. We have more insight in our post here.

How do you keep learning and evolving your skills?

I make it a point to buy courses and products from anyone that produces work I like! Even if I think I know how they did it, I still want to see their process. I enjoy learning. It’s easy to get stuck in your way of doing things - which you do need for consistency - but if you’re not challenging yourself that’s when you start to get bored.

Keep an eye on Moodelier. They always have incredible courses that feature awesome creatives.

A color study from Michael’s Styling with a Purpose course in collaboration with Moodelier where Michael takes you through intentional styling and color techniques . Source: @haashouse_

Do you have any other creators you admire and find inspiring?

Zach Vitale, Andre Rucker, Elliot Is A Cool Guy, Miss Spaceage, and Jack Strutz just to name a few!

What are your three favourite props to use?

We’re not a prop-heavy studio, but I enjoy fresh flowers, acrylic risers, and the curvy step from Moodelier.

What is next for you?

We’re transitioning into A LOT of educational content for 2023. We have an incredible lineup of products we’ll be offering next year. You can expect to see ways to level up your product photography like nothing else out there.

Thank you Michael Hoss for sharing your creative journey with Haas House and inspiring us with your colourful creativity. Visit the website of Haas House to get access to their educational courses and blogs. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow their Instagram too to see more of their work!

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