How Perkin fuses family life with fresh baked creativity

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How Perkin fuses family life with fresh baked creativity

Gerard ‘Perkin’ Gotohio is a dedicated family man who juggles his work in the family bakery business with a creative passion for photography and video content creation.

Based in the Philippines, Perkin creates from his home studio while relishing his new fatherhood role with his beautiful boy Caden. In between commercial assignments this proud Dad captures precious moments and milestones in his son’s life.

Perkin has created beautiful content for Creatively Squared customers like Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemmé, demonstrating his impeccable eye for colour, composition and neat arrangements. As well as being a valued member of our creator team, Perkin has contributed to some of our favourite community tutorials including his stunning submission for our ‘Recreate’ challenge, underwater reflection hack and his sunset backdrop trick.

Scroll down to learn more about Perkin and find out how he stays inspired and manages his creative projects.

Let’s meet Perkin

Hi! I'm Perkin, happily married to my wife Camille with our handsome 10 month old baby boy Caden. I'm currently home-based doing photography work, helping our family-owned bakery business and happily doing my duties as a father.

Perkin’s new baby boy and creative muse, Caden. Source: Gerard ‘Perkin’ Gotohio

I bought my first camera for videography which was actually my initial interest. During that time, there was a CrossFit competition in my area and I wanted to document the event. I then started posting some product photography specifically cakes for our family-owned bakery business.

Eventually, a cosmetics company contacted me to do product photography for them and be a monthly contributor for their blog posts and social media channels. When the pandemic began I noticed a lot of brands contacting me for photography work and so I made @perkiphotos. That's when Creatively Squared noticed my work.

Perkin’s final images from his underwater reflection hack and sunset backdrop trick for Creatively Squared.

Joining the team at Creatively Squared

Creatively Squared first messaged me on Instagram. Honestly I was a bit nervous if I was competent enough, but my photos caught their attention so I thought it would be worth a try.

After seeing the community and the impressive photos, I wanted to see if I can further improve my skills. The process of becoming a creator was easy and organized. Yna, my account manager, was also very helpful in setting up my first paid project.

Some of Perkin’s beautiful work for Dove and Sunsilk. Source: Creatively Squared

Currently my main focus and expertise is with product photography for small to medium businesses. I worked with brands of cosmetics, clothes, diffusers, chairs, beverage and food. Given the choice, I would like to do some more food photography.

I would describe my personal aesthetic as bright and natural. I want to highlight the colours of the actual product and feature the brand's theme.

An image from Perkin’s personal portfolio. Source: Gerard ‘Perkin’ Gotohio

The most challenging but fun project so far has been for Sunsilk. The project brief required acquiring a specific kind and colour of Hydrangea to do flatlays with the product. It was challenging because sourcing the fresh flowers was difficult. Once I received it I had to do the shoot immediately the same day because it would wilt the next day. But the rush was exciting and the photos turned out nice.

Perkin’s beautiful use of fresh Hydrageas as requested by the brand. Source: Creatively Squared

Every project was a great learning experience and it feels fulfilling when you see your photos posted.


Tools of the trade

I shoot with a Sony a6500 camera with Sony f4 18-105 and Sigma f1.4 16mm lens. I also use a Benro Tripod and Godox SL60 for lighting. I edit in Photoshop and Lightroom. Currently I'm a one-man team but I do ask for occasional help from my wife to be my model.

Perkin’s home studio set up in his living room. Source: Gerard ‘Perkin’ Gotohio

I'm always searching for different kinds of props depending on what the brand needs but I have a whole container full of artificial flowers and a wide selection of backdrops. I'm expecting my collection will continue until I lose space for it!

Perkin’s Creative Process

When I create I usually just wing it! I often start by searching for visual inspiration and ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. I usually save examples on my phone before a shoot and conceptualise the output based on the props and backdrops I have available.

One of the best examples of how it all comes together was the ‘Recreate’ challenge I participated in for Creatively Squared. After acquiring the props it was just a matter of trial and error in the actual shoot on how to arrange the scene.

Perkin was challenged to recreate this luxe look from Foodography from his home studio on a budget. We were very impressed by his result on the right!

Finding Inspiration

Instagram is a helpful tool to find inspiration and ideas for a project, I follow a lot of creators there. Some of my favourite local creators in the Philippines are @stillsundayco, @cereaalstudio, @photokitchen and Of course @creativelysquared is a huge source of inspiration for me too!

When I do hit a creative block, I usually step back head to the garden, feed my fish and take care of my lotus plant. It also helps to play a game a little on my PC.

Perkin’s Top Creative Tips

Lighting is key! I started out with only using natural light and until now most of the product shots I do is using light from the window. It just looks more true to the actual colour and settings in the camera are more easier to manage. But artificial light also has its benefits especially on an unpredictable day where it's sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.

Perkin’s new year focus

This year I want to do more food photography hopefully so that I can cater to a bigger base of clients. Where I'm from food businesses are popular since there are a lot of people are staying at home and ordering.

Follow Perkin’s product photography journey at @perkiphotos and his gorgeous family over at @perkinpumkin including adorable Caden spam.

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