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Optimise your digital performance

Your photo and video assets can be effectively transformed into digital creative thanks to the expertise of our network of editors and designers. We can help scale your creative production; whether you need new capabilities or more capacity when things get busy. You'll get ready-to-use creative that increases ecommerce conversions, social engagement, and the effectiveness of digital media.

Photo editing

From $70 per hour
Maintaining brand consistency with accurate colour matching and tone adjustment.
Updating product images with new branding or replacing pack shots to reflect changes in your product range.
Creating composite images that incorporate multiple photos and artistic elements.
Advanced photo editing and retouching to remove imperfections, enhance lighting, and create a polished look.

Video editing

From $70 per hour
Strengthen brand messaging with captions and text.
Transform existing footage into fresh, compelling content.
Enhance your video content with music and sound effects to add emphasis and context.
Customize your video content to fit different audiences and platforms.
Post Production

Graphic design

From $70 per hour
Purposefully use decorative elements to enhance the overall message and tone.
Utilize iconography, imagery, and text to communicate essential product features.
Maintain consistency across all marketing materials by utilizing brand colors, styling, and logos.
Use visual cues to drive viewer attention to your call-to-action.

Motion design

From $70 per hour
Produce a pipeline of ad creative to ensure a constant flow of engaging content.
Deliver high-quality merchant videos to increase sales and conversions.
Bring static photos to life with animation.
Add interest and excitement with dynamic animations, transitions, and visual effects.
Our customers

Who uses Creatively Squared

marketing teams

I know the biggest driver of digital performance is creative quality and being able to test and learn with native assets directly impacts our media efficiency. The best performing content is now rarely produced in a studio.


Speed, agility and maximising my budget are important to me; I need partners that understand my brand, can produce high quality content that resonates with my consumers and I can trust to deliver every time.

Content and creative teams

Supporting multiple brands and an ever increasing number of digital channels means we’re always needing to do more with less. Photoshoots take a lot of our time, and we often need to reuse older assets or stock content.

Boost your digital marketing performance

Boost your digital marketing performance

Learn how we can help you increase your digital advertising effectiveness.