10 unique ways to create book inspired images from an expert Bookstagrammer

It’s time to open the book on your creativity and use them to inspire your next photo. We are honoured to have expert Bookstagrammer Bronte from @frombeewithlove as our muse showing us some great starting points to get creative with books.

  1. Use books as your backdrops

2. Set your pages free

3. Be inspired by the cover art


4. …Or create your own book cover

5. Let your body become the book

6. …Or just rest it on them

7. Find inventive ways to use the pages

8. Dress up as characters from your favourite book

9. Use the shape of books to tell their own story

10. Open the book to reveal what’s inside

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Bronte’s beautiful imagery and are feeling inspired to create your own photo in your own unique style. There’s no limit to what you can do with the endless stories and inspiration found in books and we hope that this blog has helped you ignite some great ideas and ways to create with books.

All pictures courtesy of Bronte @frombeewithlove. Please click each image to view the original post from Bronte on Instagram.