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The Dark Side

June 24 Week 4 - Shadows

Let's find out what’s lurking behind those shadows and get shady. This week is all about shadows, capturing and taming them, or perhaps letting them run free. Shadows can add depth and dimension to your images. They can add realism to your image because they are natural and expected. Ironically that can also add magic and surrealism to your image creating the unexpected and an element of surprise and wonder.

From harsh shadows creating a definitive contrast and dramatic pause to soft shadows creating a calmness and tranquility, its whatever takes your shadowy fancy. You might capture some beautiful shadows from the morning sun, or add some shadows in post production with photoshop or phone apps such as Photoshop Mix to cleverly collage some shadowy magic. Show us how you play with shadows and embrace the shade.

@heydominic 2.jpg

Ways to challenge yourself this week:

  • Use plants or other items to cast a creative shadow over your image

  • Shoot in dappled or variegated light outdoors

  • Frame your subject matter using interesting shadows

  • Shoot in direct sunlight to achieve bold and dark shadows

  • Get creative with some shadow play and add some whimsy into your edit

These are just some starting points, please let your creative experimentation and expression run wild and interpret this theme any way you like.

How to participate

During the week of June 10-16, 2019 create a new image inspired by the weekly theme and share it on Instagram tagging @creativelysquared and #cs_thedarkside. Our inspirational mentor Angel Aguila will be selecting her favourite entries to feature on the @creativelysquared Instagram account during the week.

Resources from our Creative Journal

Meet your Mentor: Angel Aguila

Our mentor is the queen of adding shadows in photoshop and creating some truly magic images. From the simplicity of hands to some magical dragons, Angel from @heydominic is a shadow wiz. She will be helping us along the way on our shadowy journey and giving us some pointers on how to how to work with shadows. Find out more about her in our interview: Casting larger than life shadows with Angel Aguila

@heydominic 6.jpg

So follow your moon shadow and get shady with us!

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