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In Situ

It’s time to capture your everyday situations as you touch, sample, use and taste items you encounter in daily life. There is an art to capturing a real-life situation in a relatable yet artistic manner. Can you tell the story of an object and how to use it through just one image? Think about it’s attributes — is it beautiful, functional or delicious and how do you convey this feeling to your audience.


Ways to challenge yourself this week:

  • Choose an everyday item or product from your home and style it in use

  • Capture your morning beauty regime

  • Convey the feeling you have when using a product you love

  • Take a snapshot of how you, your family or pets like to eat your favorite food

  • Spritz on your fave perfume

  • Set your camera on burst mode and capture some candid moments

How to participate

During the week of September 9 - 15, 2019 create a new image inspired by the weekly theme and share it on Instagram tagging @creativelysquared and #cs_insitu. Our talented mentor Connie Chan from @whatshepictures will be selecting her favourite entries to feature on the @creativelysquared Instagram account during the week.

Resources from our Creative Journal

@whatshepictures 2.jpg

Meet your Mentor: Connie Chan

Our mentor Connie from @whatshepictures will be helping us look through the magnifying glass on those things we use everyday, she’s an expert in product styling so we are in for a real treat! Connie really respects the items she styles. She shows them in a beautiful, aspiring light and relatable manner. Connie is so open with her tips and pointers too, there is always something to learn from her images and posts. So grab a coffee, relax and read her Q&A here. Perhaps take a pic while you are at it!

So look around you and appreciate those little things you use everyday. Show them in all their beauty and glory, show us how they make you feel and what you love about them.

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