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Chase the Sun

Chase the Sun

This week we are having fun in the sun! Sunlight is a photographer’s best friend - it’s abundant and free to use. It is also unpredictable and ever changing from day to day, and even different times of the day.

Your challenge is to harness and capture this light no matter the conditions. Try photographing the natural light at different times of the day. It could be how the morning sun falls on your bed or your dining table as you have your breakfast. How that afternoon sun gives a special glow through your living room window. You could investigate how the same space changes throughout the day as the light changes or you could literally chase the sun through your spaces. You can take your styling outdoors and experiment with full sun and in the shade.


But don’t worry if it isn’t sunny in your part of the world this’s not all about the rays from the sun but sometimes the lack of direct sun. Overcast days or filtered light can often give the most beautiful natural light for flatlays and vignettes. We also have put together some resources to help you on your quest for the perfect light, cheat tips included.

Ways to challenge yourself this week:

  • Take the same photos at two different times of day and see how the different lighting situations can affect the mood of your image.

  • Use a sheet or diffuser to see how that can soften direct sunlight

  • Use a reflector or bounce board to manipulate the light you have available

  • Experiment with backlighting

  • Add some sunshine to your edit and get creative with lens flares and light leaks

These are just some starting points, please let your creative experimentation and expression run wild and interpret this theme any way you like.

How to participate

During the week of June 3-9, 2019 create a new image inspired by the weekly theme and share it on Instagram tagging @creativelysquared and #cs_chasethesun. Our inspirational mentor Hannah Argyle will be selecting her favourite entries to feature on the @creativelysquared Instagram account during the week.

Resources from our Creative Journal

Our amazing mentor this week sure knows how to chase the sun too...Hannah’s light filled captures will inspire anyone to chase to sun! She will also be offering up some enlightening tips to help us along the way. So rise and shine, and get comes the sun!

Meet your Mentor: Hannah Argyle

HANNAH 15.jpg

Our amazing mentor this week sure knows how to chase the sun...Hannah Argyle’s light filled captures will inspire anyone to chase to sun too. She lives in Northampton, England with her family including her two beautiful boys and the rather large Albert the rescue dog who all feature as her muses.

Hannah has an incredible eye for capturing light, anywhere from a simple window vignette in her stunning Victorian terraced house, a beautiful wall with a perfectly cast shadow  to the golden magic of the countryside. Did I also mention that Hannah is partial to a still life and flatlay arrangement. She certainly has something to inspire everyone and I have been a long time follower on her journey.

We are lucky Hannah is so very generous to share her tips with us and what she has learnt on her photography journey. We had a chat with Hannah to find out more about what inspires her, you can read all about it in our interview Chasing sunshine with Hannah Argyle

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