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Working with Creatively Squared

Creativity first

We are purely a content creation platform, and only focussed only on your creative ability. We don’t care how many followers you have, or how many likes you receive, just that you can compose a great visual story!

We bring the work to you

Our platform takes care of matching you with the perfect brand for you, meaning no pitching or competing for work, we will simply get in touch if we have a campaign offer for you. Every brief is unique and it's entirely up to you you decide whether to accept each project.

Work that complements your life

All of our campaigns are designed to be shot at home or in your local area.

Many benefits. No hassles.

We take care of everything from contracts and invoicing to briefs and your rights, so you can focus on just being creative.

Guaranteed Payment

Our campaigns are all briefed with an agreed fixed rate and we will never compensate you with products, exposure, likes or anything else that doesn’t pay the rent.

Our purpose is to turn creative passion into opportunity.

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Why our creators love working with us

There are so many reasons I love working with Creatively Squared! My favourites being that it enables me to pursue my passion for content creation, the hours are flexible and I have the opportunity to work with amazing brands. Creatively Squared is supportive, responsive and I always feel valued as a creator.

- Emma

I love the flexibility, it allows me to be creative outside of my full time job. I’m given creative freedom to express my style, but Creatively Squared also provides guidance and support which helps me to grow as a creative.

- Karen

Working with Creatively Squared has been a wonderful experience. I get the flexibility to work on campaigns when I have the spare time between my other freelance work, with new and varied products. It's also a great way to challenge myself creatively.

- Effi

Thanks to Creatively Squared I've had the opportunity to work with so many brands I wouldn't have otherwise come into contact with. I love the challenge of following a brief and delivering something that I may not have normally created had it not been for the creative direction of the client. I know I can always ask for feedback or direction which is such a valuable tool for someone who works solo majority of the time!

- Sophie

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