How to Participate


Step 1

Check the weekly theme
and follow the sponsor

A new challenge theme and entry details are posted on Instagram and our newsletter every Sunday


Step 2

Create your image inspired by the challenge theme

It is up to you how you interpret the theme but you must create a unique image for the challenge

a pair of apples.jpg

Step 3

Share your image with the caption tagging:

  1. @creativelysquared
  2. @sponsors Instagram account &
  3. #unique challenge hashtag

Step 4

Engage with your fellow community members

Check out all the other entrants and send them some love! 



How to Sponsor

Sponsoring a Creatively Squared Challenge is a great way to gain exposure to our global audience of Instagram’s top creatives and micro-influencers while having a lot of fun.

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Average weekly challenge engagement

Instagram Views

Views 700,000

Instagram Likes

Likes 32,000

Instagram Comments

Comments 3,200

Layers Challenge Theme (1).jpg



Layers can take on so many interpretations like using physical items such as the prints and books in our challenge announcement flatlay to some more deep and meaningful layers, metaphorical tree rings or layers of an onion. You could experiment with the aesthetic layering of light, layering of colours, layering of textures, patterns, prints. It's totally open to your interpretation so get your flatlay, shelflay, stacklay, hanglay on and lay your creativity on extra thick!

Full prize and entry details

The latest #cs_layers ENTRIES