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Creatively Squared is a leading, global styling and visual content creation hub. We are committed to developing the skills of aspiring stylists and creatives through our Instagram community and weekly creative challenges.

How to join the weekly Instagram challenge


Check the weekly theme and follow the sponsor

A new challenge theme and entry details are posted on Instagram every Monday


Create your image inspired by the challenge theme

It is up to you how you interpret the theme but you must create a unique image for the challenge


Share your image with the tags in the opening caption

Tag: @creativelysquared, the @sponsors Instagram account & #unique challenge hashtag


Engage with the community and have fun

This community is here to support each other so check out all the other entrants and send them some love! 

Show Me The Love

WITH Love Bites Cookies

Love it or hate it for its commercialism, there’s no denying this week brings out a little bit [or a lot] of love in each of us. But there’s no grand gestures required here, it doesn’t cost much to arrange some flowers from your garden into a heart or cook a hearty meal full of love for a loved one...this week is all about that four letter word. Show us how you are spreading the love and you could win some beautifully scrumptious cookies baked with love by the super lovely Jenna from @lovebitescookies for your next special occasion! Jenna will be sharing her favourites too as she’s also helping me with the guest hosting duties this week. We are also encouraging you to spread love amongst our community too. Share your favourite entries to your own Insta Stories and you could also win some cookies too. Don’t forget to tag us @creativelysquared and @lovebitescookies so we see your kindness, and we can share them too.

Theme: Show Me The Love #cs_showmethelove
Dates: 11 February - 18 February 2019
Open: Worldwide
Prizes: 2 x @lovebitescookies credits for a mixed box of special occasion cookies. This can be redeemed over the next 6 months so you can time it perfectly with that special event 
Post caption: To be eligible for this prize you must have the following tags in your opening caption #cs_showmethelove @lovebitescookies @creativelysquared and be following @lovebitescookies and @creativelysquared on Instagram

Challenge image by the beautiful Jen from @lovebitescookies

The latest #cs_showmethelove entries from Instagram


How do I enter the weekly challenge?

To participate you just need to create an image inspired by the weekly theme and share it on Instagram using the unique challenge hashtag. To be eligible for the weekly prize you must also follow the sponsor, @creativelysquared and tag both accounts in the caption of your image.

What type of image should I enter?

Anything that is your own personal interpretation of the weekly theme and the more creative the better! Any type of creativity goes, we love to see people experimenting with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

How will I know what the theme is?

We announce our new themes on Instagram every Monday morning (AEST). Newsletter and Messenger subscribers get an advance notification on Sunday night and you can sign up to these mailing lists here

So it's not just flatlays then?

Absolutely not, flatlays are a wonderful medium for telling visual stories but so is interior vignettes, lifestyle photos, painting, drawing, collage or any arts and crafts!

Where should I put my tags?

To be eligible for the prize your image must clearly include the challenge hashtag, the sponsor account and @creativelysqaured in your opening caption. It is important to put your tags upfront where they are easy to see so that the sponsor knows your image is a genuine entry. 

Why do I need to tag the sponsor in my opening caption?

This is to officially enter the weekly challenge, show your support for our amazing sponsors and the Creatively Squared community for enabling these competitions. You are welcome to participate by using the challenge hashtag and your image may still be featured but you will not be eligible to win any prizes.

How do I get featured on @creativelysquared?

There are a limited number of feature images chosen by the host each week. There is a new host every week who will be looking for different things when they select their features. We can only feature around 1 in every 20 images entered so the more you enter the higher chance you have of being featured each week.

Who chooses the winners?

Our Challenge Sponsor choose the winners each week based on the following criteria:

  • Concept and creativity of entries in relation to the weekly theme
  • Dates - Images that are submitted during the live challenge period
  • Captions - Opening captions that include the correct tags
  • Followings - Accounts following the weekly sponsor and @creativelysquared

Every week is a fresh slate and previous challenge winners and outcomes are not taken into consideration.

Can I enter more than once?

You may enter as often as you like as long as each entry is a fresh concept or image!

Can I enter an old photo?

You can share any image you like as long as it is posted on Instagram during the live challenge period.

How can I host a challenge?

We look for hosts that are interested in helping to inspire and motivate the creatively squared community, if you would like to express your interest in hosting a challenge you can sign up below.

What if my account is private?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see your entries but a lot of our community have created secondary accounts to pursue their creative endeavours.

Are you an Instagram expert passionate about the Creative community? Or a brand looking to sponsor?

We're always on the lookout for Challenge Hosts and Sponsors to inspire our community