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M&Ms is a popular brand of candy coated chocolate produced by Mars, a leading global confectionery company. Over the years, M&Ms has expanded its product line to include various flavors, sizes, and customizations, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences.


M&Ms aims to be the top choice for gift giving by offering customizable candy products and party favors. They needed visually appealing content for their website and digital channels to showcase products, provide ideas for decorating and gifting, and depict product use in various occasions. Creating a significant volume and variety of creative assets was necessary to showcase their range of products in different celebration themes.


M&Ms partnered with Creatively Squared to produce a large volume of images for their suite of customizable candy products. These images captured a wide range of celebration themes and were featured on M&Ms' website, creating a visually compelling experience for their customers.

With the help of Creatively Squared's content production platform, M&Ms was able to focus on their core competencies while still producing high-quality visuals quickly and cost-effectively. The resulting visuals effectively showcased the customizability of M&Ms' products, capturing the essence of each celebration theme.

Access to creators who fit their target demographic allowed M&Ms to create visuals that effectively showcased their products while also establishing a deeper connection with their customers. This has helped the brand maintain a competitive edge in the confectionery market and strengthened their position as a top choice for gift-giving on various occasions.



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