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You’ll be literally beside yourself with this fun cloning composite technique

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Marisa Young
You’ll be literally beside yourself with this fun cloning composite technique

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself?

While we agree it would be nice to have an extra set of hands sometimes, unfortunately we can't quite help you make this a reality. However we CAN show you how to multiply yourself in a fun Photoshop illusion. That counts right?

This boredom buster is a great technique to experiment with if you are stuck inside - and achieving this creative edit is almost as simple as hitting copy and paste!

Setting up your scene

To execute this photo all you need is a tripod (or anything that you can steadily place your camera on, such as a chair or table) and your camera or smartphone. If you have a bluetooth remote it will help but if not you can simply set the timer for each frame.

Camera settings

If you are using your camera make sure you use manual mode so that there are no variations in aperture, shutter speed or white balance in your photos. This will ensure all photos are the same in terms of settings and colour.

Jump in the frame

Next, set a focus point and you're ready to take as a few photos of yourself at different spots in the frame. Move around and have some fun with different poses and positions!

Check out this fun behind the scenes montage from photographer Jitz Lim as he photographs himself in different areas of his lounge.

Editing your frames together

Once you have taken all your shots import them all as layers into a Photoshop file.

Apply layer masks to each image and paint out the parts that you want to reveal with the brush tool. This way you can reveal just the human element on each frame and add them all together on the same background **

To see this technique in action you can view the editing process in this video from photographer Sophie Fisk as she combines her shots in Photoshop.

Once you've finished each of the layer masks you have successfully cloned yourself! It may even feel a little weird to see so many versions of yourself in one photo.

This creative composite image is not only a fun form of creative expression it also serves as a visual time capsule.

You may feel like you are stuck inside bored so why not use this experience to try this new creative technique in between bingeing Grey's Anatomy like Sophie here.

Get creative with your clone concepts

If you want to take your cloning photo to even more creative places try and think of fun ways your 'clones' can interact with each other.

Creator Shivani shared this great composite image to celebrate her birthday journey featuring three versions of herself to celebrate the three decade milestone.

Look at the way Shivani has given each one of her clones a role in telling the story. She has cleverly positioned her body in ways that not only complete the narrative but also create a balanced composition.

The possibilities of what your clones could get up to is endless!

Are you ready to go forth and multiply? Tag us on Instagram at @creativelysquared with the results we would love to see your creations!

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