Turn any object into brilliant gold with Photoshop

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Jitz Lim
Turn any object into brilliant gold with Photoshop

Ever wished you had the golden touch? Now with a little bit of Photoshop wizardry you can.

In this tutorial we will show you how to turn any object into a brilliant gold. We've broken it down into simple steps with easy to follow video guides.

Are you ready to get gilded? Here's how to do it..

Crop your subject out

Use the Quick Selection Tool (W) to make a selection of the subject. Next create a Layer Mask to crop the subject from the background.

Make it monochrome

To turn the image to black and white, navigate to Image > Adjustments > Black & White. Next, create a Duplicate Layer of the monochrome layer.

Add some shine

Hit CTRL+I (Win) or CMD+I (Mac) on the keyboard to invert the duplicated layer. Next, change the Blend Mode to Difference and select Merge Down to merge the current layer and the layer below it.

Enhance the chrome effect

Duplicate the merged layer and hit CTRL+I (Win) or CMD+I (Mac) to invert it again. Then, change the Blend Mode to Difference. Right click on that layer and select Merge Down.

Turn it into gold

Apply the Color Balance adjustment layer and adjust the tones in Shadows, Midtones & Highlights by bringing in more yellow and red to the image.

You're now a visual alchemist!

Now you can turn any object into gold with this simple technique in Photoshop!

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