Teaching us the beauty in simplicity and candid moments

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Teaching us the beauty in simplicity and candid moments

When she's not in the classroom teaching budding minds on the Sunshine Coast, you'll likely find Katrina Hawgood beachside creating beautiful lifestyle content with her children Parker and Layla. This talented Aussie mum loves chasing the sun—and her children—with camera in hand.

Comfortable on either side of the lens, Katrina has developed a signature style that is warm and relatable with a bright and airy aesthetic. Katrina shares images on her Instagram account which capture her love of interior decor and family adventures at the beach complete with adorable outfits and sandy toes.

Katrina began her Creatively Squared journey as a challenge mentor but quickly become a part of the Creatively Squared Creator team working on brands such as Pears, Blackmores, Aveeno and Bundaberg.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Katrina's passion for photography and how she has defined her own creative journey and style.

Katrina with her children Parker (6) and Layla (2) celebrating their favourite time of year, Christmas on the beach.
At home with a Scandinavian interior styled by Katrina

Finding my creative style

I have always loved how photography tells a story through visual imagery. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to it and slowly worked out my style, which I believe it’s neutral simplicity. When I am not behind my camera, I am a primary school teacher and beach lover.

I would describe my personal aesthetic as simplistically beautiful with a Scandinavian touch.

A flourishing creative partnership

The beautiful Community Manager Marisa first told me about Creatively Squared and I am always blown away by the creatives showcased on the platform. I do love lifestyle photography but enjoy trying other genres which Creatively Squared gives me the opportunity to do and inspire to.

I've worked on a number of different projects now and particularly loved shooting for Bundaberg brewed drinks. The brief was to capture images that embody the spirit of Christmas in Australia, fortunately summer and Christmas are two of my favourite things so working on this project was a lot of fun!

Tools of the trade

I love my NIKON 7500 and I have created my own Lightroom presets. I love shooting outside or by the water. My favourite props would be humans. I enjoy it when they take the lead and I follow along, catching those simply stunning moments. I do create a story board before I start but it doesn’t always go to plan when working with little humans.

Getting in the creative zone

If I'm ever feeling stuck for creative ideas I'll go for a walk. I like to sit on the beach or pack up and come back to it another day. I make sure that I don’t have any other to dos that day, only to create.

I'm also inspired by many other creators such as Hannah Tace, Sarahs Day and Charlie and Maria. I also use Pinterest a lot when I need some extra inspiration.

Top tips

My top tips for finding your groove as a creator are to:

My Focus for 2021

I'd love to improve my editing technique. I am always chasing the perfect bright, light and sharp image.

Thank you Katrina for all your hard work as a Creatively Squared Content Creator and valued member of our community. Follow Katrina's adventures at

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