Self-taught photographer Britt hones her skills with a great attitude and aptitude!

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Self-taught photographer Britt hones her skills with a great attitude and aptitude!

Meet Britt Walsham!

Lifestyle photographer Britt Walsham spends her days capturing magic family moments and real life love stories. The Brisbane based mother to Indi Mae is adventurous at heart and always enthusiastic about each opportunity to tackle a fresh creative challenge.

The talented Britt and her adorable babe Indi Mae.

A can-do attitude and constant desire to improve her skills has helped Britt grow her content creation portfolio and client list at a rapid pace.

Britt is a new recruit to the creator team at Creatively Squared and has already worked with some big name brands like Huggies, Google and Enfamil.  Scroll down to find out more about Britt and what she has learned from her creative journey so far.

Getting Started with Photography

Photography has long been a passion of mine and I have had a camera in my hand since I was 16!

I love to learn new things so I started teaching myself how to use a camera in high school. I kept practicing and watching lots of YouTube tutorials then I would play with all the settings until I understood how it all worked.

Working with Creatively Squared

I first started partnering with Creatively Squared when the lovely cofounder Ruth contacted me on Instagram about a project. I had a look into the company and it was a perfect fit for me. I love the variety in the briefs I get sent and it works perfectly being able to work from home.

The flexible nature of the work allows me to be with Indie Mae during the day and have a creative project I can work on while she sleeps. I love creating content for Creatively Squared - I'm so glad they found me!

Britt's Creatively Squared work for Huggies

My Creative Style

I'd describe my personal aesthetic as simple, clean and bright. My favourite photography subjects are product and portraiture photography but I am always up for a challenge with new genres. It's fun to try something new and see what I can come up with!

Huggies has been my favourite project to work on so far! I loved working with babies and an awesome product. I loved the Google and Panadol projects too because it allowed for a lot of creativity.

Lifestyle Photography for Creatively Squared project with Enfamil
Britt's work for Creatively Squared project with Google

Tools of the Trade

I take most of my photos with my Canon 7D and my go-to 50mm lens. I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop

My favourite prop to use is natural light! Whether I'm inside and capturing it streaming through the windows or outside on location to beaches and parks it is a Photographers best friend!

I am currently just a one person team, but I do have a handful of helpful models that I can use when required.

Getting in the Creative Flow

I'm always thinking of ideas I want to bring to life through my lens and will story board to brainstorm my concepts for each project. I will often explore Instagram hashtags to get more inspiration or have a look around on Pinterest.

I love shooting to country music or Ziggy Alberts. No matter what the project is I'm working on, having the right music always gets the creative juices flowing.

I like to keep my workspace for shooting crisp and clean to reduce distractions but once I have a vision in mind I often just go with the creative flow rather than stick to a rigid plan.

My Top Creative Tips

My top tip for getting creative behind the lens is don't overthink it and see what happens - you can never take to many pictures. Don't be afraid to try new things on the spot, sometimes the candid unplanned moments turn out to be the best photos of the bunch.

Always focus on self discovery and learn from each shoot. This year I want to think outside the square. I want to offer images that are unique, out of the box and super creative.

Thank you Britt for sharing your fresh creative journey so far with us and we are looking forward to sharing more campaigns with you. If you want to follow Britt, check out her personal Instagram @_brittemma and her photography page @goldendayscollective.

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