Remove unwanted objects from any background in Photoshop

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Remove unwanted objects from any background in Photoshop

Often, after a shoot we may discover something that we no longer want to see in our final composition. Perhaps it's a stray crumb or something that you wish you hadn't included in the photo to begin with.

There's no need to rush to a reshoot as pretty much any object can be removed in post-production using Photoshop. While there are a few different ways you can do this, we think this is the quickest and most efficient way to remove items from a plain or textured background.

Make a selection

First, import your image into Photoshop. It is always a good practice to create a duplicate layer before you start editing your image. You can easily duplicate a layer by pressing CTRL(Win) or CMD(Mac) + J on the keyboard. Next, make a selection around the object you want to remove with any selection tool. For this tutorial, I used the Lasso tool to draw a freehand selection.

Using Content-Aware Fill

Here is where all the magic happens. Once you have made your selection, right click and you will see Fill in one of the options available. Select Fill, and first thing you will notice is the Fill option box pop up. Make sure to select Content-Aware under Contents, Mode is in normal and Opacity is at 100%.


Say goodbye to unwanted items for good!

Next time you wish you had tried something different on your shoot try this handy little trick to quickly remove any object in post. If you'd like to move your item instead of removing it entirely check out our tutorial How to move an object in Photoshop and reimagine your composition anyway you'd like!

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