Living Props: Most photogenic plants to style and create with

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Living Props: Most photogenic plants to style and create with

You don’t find many more economical and environmentally friendly photography props than plants!

From what you can forage from your garden to rearranging your fave pot plants, these living props add interesting detail to your images. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, plants add a pop of colour and (as long as you can keep them alive!) you can reuse them over and over again.

Instagram is a treasure trove of botanical inspiration to help us discover exciting new plants and creative ways to use them. To help you find some leafy loves to get snappy with we’ve rounded up a few of our faves:

Best plants for small scenes and flatlays


Succulents come in all shapes, colours and sizes make great photography props due to their often compact size and portable nature. They are hardy resilient plants so you can easily take cuttings to use in photos and then safely repot afterwards. If you happen to knock off a leaf or two you can just propagate it to grow a whole new plant!


Officially called Tillandsia, this little beauties are often referred to as "Air Plants" because they get the majority of their nutrients from the air around them. They do not need to be planted to survive making them your perfect creative companion because you can switch them in and out of different pots and containers without disturbing their growth. These plants are about as low maintenance as it gets needing just the occasional spritz or soak in water to grow.

Best plants for draping tendrils


These lush draping darlings with heart shaped leaves are popular worldwide. They are also known as Pothos and come in many different colours and sizes from vibrant golden leaves to spotted varieties. They propagate easily in water so if you need to snip off a tendril or two to use as a prop you can just place it in a jar or vase afterwards and grow a whole new plant. As well as growing well in low light and indoor environments they are also a great air purifier, what’s not to like?


This trailing plant has beautiful waxy leaves and fragrant flowers, it prefers a warmer climate but will happily grow indoors. Hoya has low watering needs making it easy to care for.

Other fab trailing plants that deserve an honourable mention:

Best plants for adding impact to your photo


Did you know there are 50 different types of Monstera? These beautiful evergreen plants make for striking indoor decor when potted. Depending on how big your Monstera variety is they can be moved around for styling photos indoors and out. The individual leaves make excellent flatlay props and once cut will stay fresh for weeks in a vase of water.


Popular indoor and outdoor plants due to their lush leaves and low maintenance lifestyle. They can grow to be quite large. Like Monstera, their leaves flatten well to make great props and backdrops for styled images when cut.

Other plants that deserve an honourable mentions:

Most popular plants on instagram


This circular leaved cutie is having a moment right now. Also known as a Chinese Money Plant, these plants have been notoriously hard to find - despite being very easy to grow and propagate!


The humble cactus is no stranger to the ‘gram and loved worldwide. These aesthetically pleasing plants comes in all shapes in sizes. Plus, who doesn’t love a plant that’s practically impossible to kill?


The popularity of this green baby doesn’t seem to be slowing down. They aren’t the easiest plant to grow but are well loved due to their thick green leaves and structural beauty.

Curious and unusual plants we’d like to see more of


These adorable little furry green balls are living plants. A type of moss that becomes circular in shape from living in running water. We think they are so adorable and we want to adopt a whole tribe of them.


What’s not to love about a plant that has such usual shaped and coloured leaves that they look like origami flowers? On top of that they actually do flower as well so it’s a win win!


Whoever came up with the saying ‘pink and green should never be seen’ obviously never saw a tricolour Tradescantia. We have been totally mesmerised by this lush multicoloured plant and just want to see more, more, more!

Need more inspiration?

Want to release your inner crazy plant person? Check out these accounts and hashtags for more green inspo:

Accounts to follow: @plantroost @helloplantlover @thekwendyhome @lightwatersoil @everydeco @plantkween @leafy.lane @whattheflower_paris @tribeandus

Hashtags to explore: #plantparenthood #plantaddict #plantsmakemehappy #greenyourfeed #planthoarder #ihavethisthingwithplants #plantlover #plantgang #indoorjungle #livingwithplants #plantlove #plantgoals #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantcommunity #plantstagram #plantfocus #plantscout #house_plant_community #plantsmakepeoplehappy #talkplantytome #plants4inspo #botanicalhome #plantlovinghome #botanicaldecor #urbanjunglebloggers

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