Instant backgrounds extensions in Photoshop

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Jitz Lim
Instant backgrounds extensions in Photoshop

Ever wanted to use a specific photo but felt it was cropped too tightly? Anyone creating marketing or website material will be able to relate to needing more space in an image to accommodate things like logos, text or to fit into an online banner.

Before you look for a brand new photo to use there is a simple fix! We've found a way to instantly resize and expand the background of your image with a handy Photoshop feature. Read our tutorial to find out just how easy this technique is.

Select the crop tool

Firstly, import your image into Photoshop. Next, select the crop tool and choose your preferred crop ratio at top left corner. We used the 16:9 ratio here. Once that is selected, expand the canvas by dragging any of the anchor points.


Let Photoshop do the magic

Once you have your preferred canvas size, make sure the Content-Aware checkbox is checked and hit Enter on the keyboard or click on the Tick icon. Depends on the size of the image, it will take a few seconds for Photoshop to work its magic in filling up the empty area on the canvas.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

There you have it! Easily extend the background of your image with just a few clicks and you are now able to add your favorite texts or logos with all the extra space you’ve just created!

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