Indulge in a cup of creativity with these conceptual coffee trends

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Marisa Young
Indulge in a cup of creativity with these conceptual coffee trends

International Coffee Day happens each year on October 1st, but if you ask us coffee inspired creativity is in vogue all year round. We love seeing whipped coffees, creative cups with a splash of colour and coffees you can make at home to visually caffeinate the senses.

We've rounded up the top creative coffee trends that are percolating through social media at the moment. Which one are you going to order?

Orange Coffee

Add a little zest and spice to your morning brew with this juicy coffee craze, Orange coffee. This video shows just how easy it is using orange juice, orange slices, cold brew coffee and sugar served on ice with a rosemary garnish.

Orange coffee freshly styled. Source: @yow2

The orange pops make it a deliciously photogenic coffee too. Who doesn’t want a vitamin C hit with their morning brew?

Tip: Style your photo with coffee beans for context and mix fresh orange (or blood orange in Yoanita’s case) with peel and dried orange slices for some textural interest.


One of the most popular social media coffee trends from the past year. This is a stylish coffee that you can easily whip up at home and looks beautiful layered in a glass. To create it simply whisk hot water, sugar and instant coffee in equal ratios for a beautiful foamy effect.

Some frothy Dalgona goodness. Source: @saw_morning

Coloured Milk

Coffee doesn't have to be brown. Why not add some vibrant colour to your cup by colouring your milk first!

A beautiful blue Spirulina Latte. Source: @saw-morning
Iced coffee with blue milk effect created with food colouring and ice blocks. Source: @useyournoodles

Tip: Use a clear glass and ice blocks like Anja to create beautiful swirls of coffee and coloured milk magic.

Layered lattes

Take your coloured coffee one step further and create some colour blocked layers. Alternatively you can simply embrace the natural tones of the coffee by adding layers of milk or foam.

Layered coffee with blue butterfly pea for the blue hit. Source: @saw_morning


Matcha coffee latte

Go green if you are keen and give your coffee a matcha hit. There's no denying it does make for a gorgeous subject matter.

Layered coffee matcha latte. Source: @saw_morning

Brown sugar latte

You can turn your spoonful of sugar into a delicious looking garnish by adding it as a textural element on the rim of latte glass. Using brown or raw sugar will add some rich earthy tones into your coffee scene.

Dirty brown sugar latte with milk pour. Source: @yow2


The affogato is enjoying a revival, or did it ever go out of fashion? Add a scoop of ice cream to your espresso and crumble your favourite cookie on top for texture.

Tip: add your liquor of choice to elevate your coffee to an after dinner tipple too or some flavoured ice cream for a colour hit.

An affagato styled to perfection. Source: @yow2

Filtered Coffee

Go back to basics and brew some filtered coffee with stylish props (cue cute kettle) reminiscent more of a scientific experiment than a home cafe.

A beautifully composed filtered coffee vignette. Source: @effiegurmeza

Thank you to our styling baristas @yow2, @saw_morning, @useyournoodles and @effiegurmeza for opening our eyes to these beautiful coffee combinations. Which coffee trend will you be incorporating into your morning routine or next photoshoot?

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