How to use auto-align in Photoshop to fix a wobbly stop motion

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How to use auto-align in Photoshop to fix a wobbly stop motion

What could be more frustrating than seeing your stop motion video that you've just spent hours creating has little bumps and shakes in between either due to an unstable tripod or accidentally nudged the camera while firing the shutter?

In this tutorial, we'll show an easy fix to smoothen out those bumps and shakes in your stop motion videos by using the Auto-Align function in Photoshop.

How to import stop motion images as layers in Photoshop

You can load multiple images into layers using a script. Choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack. Make sure you've renamed the files accordingly by sequence beforehand then hit OK.

Auto Align your layers

Once you've loaded your files you'll be able to check Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images on the menu and hit OK. This will smooth out any bumps or shakes in every frame.


Create a frame animation

In the Timeline panel, select Create Frame Animation and then click the top right menu to select Make Frames From Layers. Next, select all frames from the timeline then right click and choose the ideal time per frame. In this video, we chose 0.2 seconds. To learn how to create a stop motion video in Photoshop, go to our tutorial here.

Although this simple trick would save most of your videos from all the bumps and shakes, it best to avoid all these during production by using a remote trigger and have a sturdy tripod!

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