How to create fake ice cubes that look like the real deal for your next drinks photoshoot

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How to create fake ice cubes that look like the real deal for your next drinks photoshoot

Anyone that has experience with beverage photography knows that one of the most challenging aspects is keeping drinks looking cold and fresh on set. Ice melts quickly and drinks get warm when working on long shoots and under studio lights.

There are several ways to work around this problem, one is to use a glycerin spray for long lasting condensation and another is to use fake ice cubes.

Fake ice cubes are a versatile prop that is reusable and long-lasting. The only issue is that most acrylic versions on the market can be expensive and don't look very realistic or premium.

To create more aesthetically pleasing and authentic-looking ice we trialled a different way to create it using resin instead of acrylic and found the results far superior. Find out how you can make your own DIY ice for your next beverage shoot and your clients will never know it's not the real deal!

You'll need to gather four materials to get started:

What is Encapso K?

Encapso K is a water clear encapsulation rubber that looks just like water! Fully cured Encapso K can also be crumbled to look like brown glass, diamonds, and also carved to look like ice. Let's get right into the steps.

1. Mixing the resin

To create fake ice with Encapso K, we need to mix an equal amount of Part A and Part B. Use a measuring beaker. If you don't have one, you can use a cylindrical glass jar. Measure with a ruler and make markings on the jar to have equal parts of Part A and Part B. Stir and mix the solution with a mixing stick. Don't worry if you see any bubbles forming in the solution, they will automatically dissipate after a few minutes.

2. Let it cure

Pour the mixture into a plastic mould container and let it cure overnight. After the mixture has fully cured, it will turn from liquid to solid, soft rubber. Use a cutter blade and slowly pry the rubber out of the container.

3. Carve and reshape to ice cubes

Use a ruler and a cutter blade to reshape the rubber block into smaller cubes. You can either use your fingers to shape it or a cutter blade to carve them into your desired shapes.


4. Put them to use

Drop them in any beverage or use them to prop up the scene. These rubber ice cubes are realistic, easy-to-make, and you don't have to worry about staining them because they are washable! This is an awesome way to make DIY fake ice.

Bonus tip

Don't discard all the crushed crumbs and powder from carving. Instead, spray the bottle with glycerin and water mix and sprinkle it with the leftover chips to give the bottle a realistic frosted look!

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