How Naomi McPhail is building Sunsilk's global bank of digital-first content

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Ruth Stephensen
How Naomi McPhail is building Sunsilk's global bank of digital-first content

Creating a localised digital content pipeline for over 70 markets? It sounds complicated but not for innovative marketer Naomi McPhail who leads Sunsilk's global digital strategy. Find out how Naomi is working through this challenge and is beginning to build a bank of content that will keep Sunsilk in front-of-mind for digital audiences around the world.

Hi Naomi! Tell us about your role and the challenges you face

I'm based in the UK and working as account based marketing (ABM) digital lead for Sunsilk's Global Team. My role is driving Sunsilk to be a social-first brand that is reactive and consistently engaging our digital audiences.

Taking this always-on approach for Sunsilk has resulted in a high demand for digital-first content to be used across all of our markets individual social channels, websites and e-retailers.

One of my biggest challenges is sourcing enough digital content to supply our markets with that suits their specific requirements. Each region needs their individual languages, logos and product collections represented in a way that resonates with their local audiences - no mean feat when you have over 70 markets to satisfy!

With this goal in mind, we were looking to produce large amounts of high-quality digital first content for each of our markets at affordable costs when we first engaged the services of Creatively Squared.

Some of Sunsilk's local brands and markets that Naomi is producing content for

How have you innovated to overcome your challenge?

Creating localised digital-first content for numerous countries at once is a time consuming process. Dealing with multiple vendors individually can be expensive and the output is often limited to producing content within specific regions.

We were initially attracted to the service offering from Creatively Squared because they were able to create vast amounts of digital content for affordable prices. Another key factor that appealed to us was their quick and efficient production process. It was the first time that Sunsilk would have the opportunity to build an entire bank of global content in less than a few months!

Images published on the Sunsilk India Instagram account produced by Creatively Squared

Did you have any reservations about trialling a new way of working?

In the beginning we were concerned about the simplified delivery process. We would submit a brief and then receive the final assets which was a new way of working for us. Initially it felt a little daunting not having a chance to provide feedback before seeing the final results but we appreciate the benefits of how much we can speed up production without it!

After working through several projects we feel like the creators have a good understanding of our brand look and feel and ultimately feedback is rarely needed. Overall the quality of content is exceptionally high - especially from some of some of the creators from SEA who are so talented!

Some of Naomi's favourite images produced by Creatively Squared for Sunsilk's local markets


How has this solution helped you achieve your goals?

The partnership was the perfect solution for us due to the fact that Creatively Squared had creators all over the world, meaning we would be able to use local photographers for each project. This meant that creating assets for each of our individual regions was possible and the content produced was both on-brand for Sunsilk while being an accurate reflection of the local cultures and lifestyles.

Images from the Elidor Turkey Instagram account produced locally by Creatively Squared

Without a platform like Creatively Squared we would have only been able to provide digital content to our top regions rather than to all our markets, and the content we would have provided would have been in much lower volumes.

Our partnership with Creatively Squared is helping Sunsilk build its digital presence, and strengthening the right brand associations through high quality, beautiful visuals.

Overall the experience working with Creatively Squared has been efficient, effective and extremely rewarding.

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