How an education in graphics helped Tran design his photography career

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How an education in graphics helped Tran design his photography career

Hailing from Vietnam, Tran Minh Duc started his creative career as graphic designer. Originally picking up a camera just for fun, he discovered his passion for photography and has now been working in the industry for the past 5 years.

Tran's education and experience in visual design has given him the confidence to make bold choices with colour and explore innovative ideas in his photography. His images convey a lightness and often capture a sense of movement and life within them. As well as feeling whimsical, Tran's images are highly curated and produced with a professional level of polish - a truly dynamic combination for the brands he creates for.

Tran has produced stunning content for some big name brands in partnership with Creatively Squared, such as Olly, TRESemmé and Dove, all with impressive results. We are always intrigued to see what he will come up with next! Keep scrolling and let him introduce himself and see his creativity in action.

Meet Tran...

I graduated from Open University Hanoi majoring in graphic design. However, 5 years ago I found my passion for photography became stronger. With my experience of graphic design, I became a full time photographer and now I'm working for a media and event organization company.

A product image from Tran's portfolio

Expanding my Creative Portfolio

I was approached by Creatively Squared because of my product photography experience. It's definitely my favourite genre to shot so I'm always excited by their product briefs. I love to focus on every little detail in the shots. What I learnt at University and from my job experience as a Graphic Designer has certainly helped me hone my craft.

Tran's recent product styling for Creatively Squared

I have worked on several projects so far in my Creatively Squared journey. The project for Dove Vietnam is definitely one of my favourites. It was actually my first project so I prepared and planned very carefully. I was happy with the results and got some compliments from the Creatively Squared team!

Tran's styling for Creatively Squared

Tools of the trade

Nikon D850 with Benro tripod and Photoshop CC for editing. I usually work in the studio, but sometimes I venture outdoors into the sun, natural light is always the best light source!

Tran in his studio with his assistant lending a helping hand

Finding Inspiration

I get my inspiration from everything around me such as TV shows I've watched, music I've heard, places I've visited. I love following on-trend stylist @monkeyminhvn from Vietnam.

An example inspirational styling by @monkeyminhvn
Another creative example from @monkeyminhvn
Everything you do from your heart is a wonderful creation

What's next for Tran

I would love to work with Creatively Squared in more projects and with different brands. I also want to explore the world around me to find more inspiration and boost my creativity. I always love discovering new aesthetics and cultures from traveling to new countries and visiting art museums.

Thank you Tran for sharing your Creator experience so far and for introducing us to your vibrant aesthetic. Follow Tran's journey at @minhductranz as he finds inspiration everywhere.

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