Genius hacks for creating new look locations from your home studio

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Genius hacks for creating new look locations from your home studio

We aren't all blessed with 'Insta-worthy' homes or access to fancy locations or studios to create from. Luckily there are ways you can create a clever illusion to give the impression your subject was shot in a specific place or scenario. From using different backdrops and some clever prop placement, all you need is a little ingenuity and imagination!

Creators in the Creatively Squared community are so resourceful when it comes to composing images from home that look like they were taken on location. You won't believe the results of some of these home hacks!

Scroll on down for some clever set constructions and expert tips from leading creators on how you can create different looking locations right from your home studio.

In the Kitchen (or are we?)

Fanette from @frenchlyphotography is always innovating on her work processes and this hack is no exception. You could be easily mistaken in thinking this shelfie was taken at home in a stylish kitchen surroundings.

In reality, Fanette's nifty studio hack isn't in her kitchen at all, see for yourself how she constructed this kitchen look on set!

Fanette cleverly uses a faux marble vinyl background with a board masquerading as a subway tiled splashback to get her kitchen look. She evens adds a floating shelf held up simply by two clear glasses to complete the illusion.

Tip: Always make sure backdrops that have straight lines such as brickwork courses or tile joints are parallel to your surface when 'building' your fake composition. Having these not square to the benchtop will give away the illusion as it would never be built crooked in reality.

Time for Some bathroom business

Content creator Melinda lee from @m3linda_lee loves to recreate a bathroom look and is so clever at mixing up different bathroom looks. This benchtop scene looks like it would fit any Bathroom fitout, complete with toothbrushes and towels.

But no, it's just in her spare bedroom / home studio!

Melinda has cleverly used a tiled backdrop and key props to add locational context to her image. Simply add some rolled towels, a soap dish and some toothbrushes and your viewer is visually transported into the right place!

Melinda's styling for Creatively Squared with another bathroom scene

Often bathroom lighting is not ideal for photography so this is also great way to chase natural light at home if you don't use artificial lighting.

A bathroom image doesn't have to take place by a basin. Fanette incorporates a wooden shelf into her styled images for a classy caddy inspired image complete with hanging towel in the background.

Fanette has used stick-on tiles onto a hard backboard to create her bathroom backdrop you'll be amazed at the tiny space she is working with to create such a breezy feeling photo.

Tip: To make your composition as real as possible, use the 'materials' of your backgrounds correctly. For example, you would never generally have brickwork on your bathroom sink where as a marble vinyl background makes for the perfect surface.

Ready for some bedroom antics?

So your bedroom doesn't get the best light? Make your 'bed' like Anja from @useyournoodles by simply using a table draped with linen and a pillow near that beautiful morning light and you have that instant cozy bedroom scene.

We hope this article has helped you think of new and clever ways to create different room illusions right from your home studio. It's amazing what you can achieve with just a few simple props and basic household items.

Thanks to the talented Fanette, Melinda and Anja for sharing their insider stylist secrets!

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