Flatlay and get paid: 7 ways to make money from your Instagram photography addiction

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Ruth Stephensen
Flatlay and get paid: 7 ways to make money from your Instagram photography addiction

Are you guilty of spending a little bit too much time scrolling Instagram and spending all day styling and crafting the perfect post? Well it's time to turn your favourite hobby into some pocket money with our list of top ways you can flatlay and get paid!

Sell your images as Stock photos

There are loads of different websites for selling your photography earning you anywhere from 25c up to hundreds of dollars per download. While some of these website are exclusive others allow you to list your photos across multiple platforms to increase their exposure.

Petapixel has a complete guide to how much you can make selling your photos at the different stock image sites

Print your images onto items to sell

Sites like Redbubble (pictured), Zazzle and Society 6 make it effortless to print your photos onto almost anything. Want to make a gorgeous calendar or even a cushion cover? When you sell a product, they will produce it, package it and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art!

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote a product and get paid per sale. Brand partners will provide you with an affiliate URL or discount code so they can track how many of your friends and fans purchase after seeing your post. You’ll often see bloggers doing this with sponsored or product inspired posts and it works much the same way with Instagram and other social platforms.

Check to see if your favourite brand has an affiliate marketing program or build your own using sites like Referboard.


Become a brand rep or ambassador

Brands love to partner with talented creatives to help promote their products. If you are crushing on a brand keep your eye out to see if they run any brand rep programs, you likely won’t get paid but will usually get some free stuff in exchange for your posts.

Check out Instagram hashtags like #brandrepsearch or #brandambassadorsearch to explore current options

Enter photo competitions

There are lots of other creative photo competitions you can enter to win prizes. Not only do you have the chance to snag fab prizes or thousands of dollars in cash but competitions are a great way to test the limits of your creativity and improve your technical skills.

Check out Photo Contest Insider for a full list of competitions to enter

Try your hand at influencer marketing

There are loads of influencer marketing agencies and apps out there like Tribe, Hypetap and Scrunch. Usually you'll need to have a minimum of 5,000 followers to participate, high engagement and be regularly producing quality content. The only catch with some of these apps like Tribe is you’ll need to create the content first and pitch for the work with no guarantee you’ll get paid!

Colourful donut themed party supplies flatlay

Join the talented team at Creatively Squared

We are always looking for creatives that are handy with a camera to join us and style photos for our amazing clients. Unlike other programs we pay you for every image we order so you’ll never be doing creative work and wondering if you are going to get paid at the end.

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