Curiosity meets creativity: Richu evolves and experiments with new techniques

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Curiosity meets creativity: Richu evolves and experiments with new techniques

Richu Joseph is an Indian freelance photographer, drone enthusiast and digital artist.

Richu's passion and skill for photography creates visually engaging images of people, places and products. His eye for detail tells meaningful visual stories and celebrates the texture, colour or ingredients of the products he captures.

Richu has mastered how to harness the light, make shadows dance and water splash which creates incredible images for his portfolio and Creatively Squared projects with Gillette, Dove and Google.

Scroll on to meet Richu and absorb his creative passion for photography.

Meet Richu!

I started my career as a Photographer in 2012 at Kerala, India. The visuals captured in frames have helped me to discover myself over the years. Photography experiments and learning has always been fun and filled with curiosity. Over the years photography as a platform has widened my ideas by implementing them through different kinds of photography and digital painting art.

Ever since I discovered by passion for photography all my hobbies and research have revolved around it. For the last 8 years I have been working as a full-time freelance photographer as it enabled me to focus on my passion without boundaries. I have been specialising on product, fashion, miniature, and travel photography over these years.

My Creatively Squared journey so far

I came to know about Creatively Squared through an Instagram ad. When I went through the website it seemed interesting, so I thought working with this team may help me to grow my skills and from the very first project onwards the briefing and communications from Creatively Squared was very clear and good. For me it is very comfortable to work with this platform.

My favourite genre of content is food and product photography, and also I like to try new things on fashion. I would describe my personal aesthetic as minimal with vibrant themes.

The Gillette foams and Gels project was the most enjoyable Creatively Squared project so far. It was really fun to style with foams & gels, especially the stop-motion.

Tools of the trade

I use a Canon 6D with 50mm and 24-105mm lens. I have a couple of flash lights, soft box, diffusers, tripods and a constant ring light. All post production works are done in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

My favourite place to work is at home in my home studio and backyard. I often have a superstar assistant, my cousin, to help me if I need a hand during my shot

For most of my shoots I do sketches. I research for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, there are so many brilliant creators on Pinterest.

Richu's Top Tips

Lighting is the most important element in creating great content. Sometimes the product colour or the props may not looks good but you can make it better with proper lighting. The most time consuming process in my photoshoots is the lighting setup. Proper lighting makes anything looks great.

Music is the key for me to break the creative block. I listen to music with nature's sounds in it like rain, waterfalls, birds etc. and this helps me to think and plan for the shoots.

What's next, creatively

I recently start trying stop-motion and cinemagraphs and I really liked the process. I want learn and improve my skills in these things.

A big thank you to Richu for being our Creator of the Month. You can see more of Richu's work on his Instagram @richu_joseph_ and his drone photography at @the.drone.eye.

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