Crystal takes her creativity to the trails for magical family adventures

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Crystal takes her creativity to the trails for magical family adventures

A mum to two adorable boys, Crystal Sanchez is a newborn Photographer from Marlton, New Jersey. Crystal spends her days photographing little souls in precious poses and documenting candid moments on her adventures with her boys, husband and family dog Luna. Her soft tones and golden glows take us on a whimsical journey through the seasons of the landscape around her.

Since joining Creatively Squared, Crystal's talent for capturing endearing images of her little ones has helped her create adorable branded content for brands like Huggies and Enfamil. She has also shown her versatility for product styling, working with beverages and taking Bundaberg brews on outdoor adventures.

Scroll down to meet Crystal and let her take you on a visual adventure too!

Crystal Sanchez

All About Crystal

I became interested in photography while I was in college. I simply enjoyed documented my day with my little cousin which was when I also became interested in photographing little ones. Now I own a newborn photography business where I have the opportunity to meet and photograph babies on a regular basis. When I'm not working, I'm off enjoying the trails, parks, and local attractions with my own family.

Newborn baby sleeping under a brown warm blanket showing its cute dimples
One of Crystal's precious newborn moments
Father and son adventure on a boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by tall trees
Crystal's beautiful family adventures

Crystal's Creative Development

I find myself becoming more and more interested in commercial lifestyle over time. Other than that I'm typically all for anything involving my kids or my newborns so I was really excited when Creatively Squared reached out to me to join their team to help with projects like Huggies.

cute and curly smiling toddler wearing white shirt and Huggies diaper
Crystal's Creatively Squared work for Huggies

I actually found the Bundaberg project to be the most enjoyable. It was different and I enjoyed the challenge. I love working outdoors in community gardens, trails and by the lake the most so I made the most of these locations.

Bundaberg blood orange sparkling drink placed on a wooden chopping board
Lakeside adventures with Bundaberg for Creatively Squared
Bundaberg ginger beer placed on a table with striped table cloth and a blurry man on the background holding another bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer

Crystal's Tools of the Trade

A one woman team with my Canon 6D (for now), 35mm and 135mm lenses, & Photoshop. I plan some of my shoots but anything involving the kids requires a lot "winging it". I watch music videos and look through magazines for inspiration. This year I plan to work more on storytelling.

A soldier carrying two toddlers on his both arms, boy on the left wearing sky blue colored shirt and brown shorts, boy on the right wearing rose pink colored shirt and royal blue shorts.
A father sitting on the bench by the lake with their two sons on each side munching a snack

A Proud WOC Mom Photographer

I regularly come together with a group of WOC mom photographers to bring light to the under representation of our demographic in our community/industry. Being both blessed and laden with the color of my skin I am thankful for it. I’m thankful for the heritage that I have and the culture I can teach my kids.

As part of the #wocmomtog loop I participate in on Instagram, I recently recreate a few memorable moments from Honey I Shrunk the Kids which was one of my favorite movies growing up. Here's two images I created from a 3 part series (stay tuned for the last image to come!)

Two tiny toddlers standing on the wooden table being magnified
Tiny toddler floating in a spoon of rice cereals and milk

Thank you Crystal for sharing your beautiful work with us and joining our Creatively Squared creator team. Follow Crystal's family adventures at @exploringadventureland and her newborn photography at @lunascottphotography.

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