Create a custom wood panel backdrop for your next photoshoot

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Nikki Astwood
Create a custom wood panel backdrop for your next photoshoot

Want a fun DIY idea for crafting a customised wooden backdrop? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to put together a premium-looking handmade backdrop for product photography.

This backdrop uses timber battens which are thin strips of wood often used to add a design element to home interiors. It is easy to assemble, even for DIY beginners, but you will need access to some basic tools which we will outline below.

Ready to get handy with some DIY? Check out my step-by-step tutorial below!

Materials required

The construction process

1. Cut the wood battens and smooth them out

Measure and cut your wood battens to match the height of your MDF sheet. Mine came in long pieces so I had to cut them to size. Once they are cut roughly sand the cut end of the batten to make sure there are no remaining splinters and the ends are smooth.

Here are the results!

2. Glue the wood battens onto the MDF sheet

Apply glue to each of the battens from top to bottom and gently press them down onto the MDF sheet - make sure they are straight. You can use one of the other cut battens to create an even amount of space in between the glued battens.

3. Wipe off any excess glue

When you push the battens onto the MDF sheet you may need to wipe down either side of the batten to remove any excess glue. Even if it dries clear you don’t want any to be visible on the finished backdrop.


4. Place heavy objects on top of the glued battens

As you glue on each batten place heavy objects on top of them to make sure they stay secured in the right spot. I just used stone boards from my prop collection for this purpose! Then you can give everything a final wipe down but be careful not to move any of the battens out of place.

Bonus tips

5. Style and shoot!

Here is another version of this backdrop using pieces of half-round dowels

Thank you Nikki Astwood for sharing with us a tutorial on one of your wooden backdrops. Nikki is a commercial photographer, art director, and product stylist from Revised Edition Style. When it comes to product photography and DIY projects, we’re always inspired by Nikki’s works!

Follow along Nikki's styling journey on her Instagram account for more inspiration and tips. You can also learn more about her in this blog Inspiring Creator Series: Nikki Astwood from Revised Edition Style

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