Connect with parents using these visual trends for baby care brands

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Connect with parents using these visual trends for baby care brands

There's no doubt that social media is a big influence on today's parents. In fact, the Internet has become an important tool for millennial moms and dads when it comes to parenting or discovering brands for their children. With this, many baby care brands have already redefined their communication efforts to connect with consumers in this generational shift—and one of the tactics they use is visual content.

Visual content is an effective strategy in communicating with these digitally native parents. It is efficient and clearly conveys a brand’s point of view. As a marketer, you want to have a deep connection with parents so they can trust your brand. By creating content that focuses on providing authentic stories, you’re able to create unique virtual experiences and build relationships with families.

Creating native content is also one way of connecting with parents on a deeper level. Native posts don’t disrupt the social media experience of parents as they would appear real rather than commercialised. In return, these types of posts encourage parents to engage with your content and become more interested in your brand.

So what are the types of visual content you should use to visually communicate with your audience? We browsed through the social media accounts of various infant care brands and discovered six top-performing content styles that they use to connect with parents.

Visual Trend #1: Diverse families

Photos of mixed families in a broad spectrum of races or LGBTQIA+ families

Millennial parents today are highly selective with the brands they choose for their child. Images featuring ethnically mixed or same-sex couples show that a brand doesn’t only focus on providing love and care to their babies but also supports diverse families in their journey of parenthood.

Visual Trend #2: Motherhood unfiltered

Photos that reveal postpartum bodies and real life parenting moments

All parents know that caring for children is a particularly unglamorous job most of the time. Brands can show extra support and sensitivity by sharing real life parenting moments and not hiding behind photo filters and perfectly curated images. Generating content that shows authenticity opens up opportunities to create meaningful connections between parents and your brand by showing them that all people with children face challenges and have different stories to tell.

Visual Trend #3: Styled product photos

Photos of products styled creatively with supporting props

Product styling is one way of making your products stand out while communicating your brand’s values. Styled photos allow your product to become the hero and selective props add context and creativity. Incorporating this type of visual in your social media profiles can grab your audience's attention and make use of direct shopping functionalities for fast checkout.


Visual Trend #4: Lifestyle product photos

Photos of products placed in real homes or candid lifestyle situations

Entice your ideal customers by creating a visual representation of a lifestyle that’s attractive or relevant to them. Your individual target markets will find it easier to connect with images that feature people and places they identify with. Lifestyle images provide brands the opportunity to capture a moment or feeling for customers to associate with their product. Incorporating real people using your product will also help your brand be perceived as more authentic and trustworthy.

Visual Trend #5: Cute baby closeups

Photos that show adorable little ones with or without the product

Photos showing lovely faces of adorable babies are sure to give your customers all the heart eyes! It's hard to resist a cute photo of smiling baby and images like this will increase the positive association with your brand. A bonus side effect of sharing this type of content is that other parents will be encouraged to share photos of their baby and your brand too!

Visual Trend #6: Dads parenting

Photos of dads nurturing their little ones

Millennial parents are breaking stereotypical gender roles as dads today are now more involved in baby care and parenting. Content that speaks to moms and dads equally help send a message to dads that they’re being recognised and supported in this journey.

Key Takeaways

When creating visual content for baby care brands, it’s important to first understand your audience. How do they parent and what support do they need from brands they purchase from? From adorable baby spam, to entertaining or informative posts it is vital to tailor your content to the people you wish to engage. To discover what resonates best here are some recommendations for successful social media posts:

If you need some help creating engaging and relatable content for your baby brand Creatively Squared are experts in this space. We have a handpicked network of talented content creators who have experience working in this space. We've helped a range of customers with authentic and diverse imagery such as Enfamil, Aveeno Baby, Huggies, Dove Baby, QV Baby, Pampers, Johnsons Baby and Charlie Banana. If you'd like to find out how we can help your brand book a call with us.

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