Clever ways to use acrylic blocks and sheets in product photography

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Jitz Lim
Clever ways to use acrylic blocks and sheets in product photography

We've spotted another hot visual trend in brand photography and it's clear to us (pardon the pun!) why these versatile acrylic props are so popular for styling beauty and skin care products.

The appeal of using clear acrylic props is that they seamlessly match the aesthetic of your image and soak up the colour around it. Even better—they are both creative AND practical—as well as adding visual dimension, you can also use them to protect your backdrops!

We sourced some different shaped blocks and a large plastic sheet to experiment with and have put together our top 5 ideas so you can see how to achieve a variety of clever effects.

1. As a placeholder for swatches

Want to highlight the texture of your product? Applying a sensory swatch onto an acrylic block opens up a whole new realm of composition options for your shot

2. Combine to use as a platform

If you have multiple blocks, try stacking them in interesting or playful ways to elevate your product and add dimension to your shot

3. Create geometry, lines, shape and shadow

Different shaped or sized blocks can also be arranged like tiles to create a patterned effect

4. Create an in-situ bathroom effect

A sheet of acrylic makes a great substitute for a shower screen. Simply spritz with some water for a fresh visual effect.

5. Add a layer of texture to the foreground

The same sheet can be layered on top of your product to get a creative water texture effect. You could even experiment with foam or steam.

Bonus Tip : Use as a protective layer

As well as enabling some interesting creative effects, a sheet of acrylic plastic is also a handy and practical piece of equipment to have in your styling toolkit. See how we've used it here to protect paper backdrops from wet stains, giving it a glossy backdrop look.

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