Cheers to beer! 10 creative ideas for styling and photographing beer

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Ruth Stephensen
Cheers to beer! 10 creative ideas for styling and photographing beer

Need some creative ideas for your next beer photoshoot? We've got you covered with some easy to action concepts that will add context to your set with only simple styling required.

Ready to get inspired (and possibly a little thirsty!) for your next creative beer project?

Put it on ice

One of the most simple and affordable props you can get - ice adds interesting texture and layers to your image. Don't feel like it has to be placed in a traditional cooler or bucket either, you can also get creative and experiment with different containers to put your drinks and ice in.

Grab some friends for a social setting

Do your mates want to come over and drink some beer with you? I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding some takers! Turn your photoshoot into a social gathering and have some fun sharing a beer with your friends while you shoot.

Create a nighttime scene with string light bokeh

Add soft colourful globes of light to your beer photos for a dreamy nighttime scene. Use a lens with an aperture of at least f/2.8 to achieve a beautiful background bokeh.

Make a meal of it

Everyone has heard of food and wine pairing so why not try it with beer too? There are loads of ideal matchings for food and beer so why not combine the two and create a visual feast.

Say cheers to beers

Beer photography is not complete with a celebratory shot of friends raising a beer to give a cheer. This shot is a great way to experiment with different camera angles - try pointing your lens up at the sky for a unique perspective!

Crack it open for an action shot

Get a shot of the beer can being opened—snapshotting an image that we can definitely hear in our minds! Bonus points for a delicious foamy drizzle or spray captured in shot.


Relax outdoors

There's nothing better than having a good bottle of ice-cold beer on a hot day. Capture some fun in the sun and take your beer shoot outside for a relaxing summer vibe.

Take it on an alfresco picnic

Show a relaxing and refreshing beer photo by bringing it out at a picnic! This is a great way to add some locally relevant context through your chosen location and the food you select.

Style it with just a simple snack

It can be easy to go overboard with the props but a simple way to add context and keep the focus on the beer is by just using one type of snack.

Stay in

Get the movie, popcorn, and beer ready and turn your beer photoshoot into a fun movie night or  cheer your favourite team on TV.

There are many more ways and interesting context you can use to photograph beer but we hope this has helped give you ideas for your next shoot.

If you need a little extra inspiration we also have a dedicated master inspiration board on Pinterest you might find helpful - check it out here Beverage - Product Photography

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