Capturing beautiful babies and precious family moments one click at a time

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Capturing beautiful babies and precious family moments one click at a time

Self-taught photographer Lisa Henry is honing her craft by getting hands-on experience snapping candid childhood moments and family portraits. A background in childcare has given Lisa intimate knowledge of how to best work with families and take beautiful photos of children. It's clear to see that while Lisa's technical skills might still be evolving, her toddler wrangling skills are already set to expert level!

Lisa is lucky to have three beautiful children at home that have made great practice subjects for her blossoming career in photography. Since taking on projects with Creatively Squared Lisa has had the opportunity to work with household brands such as Huggies and Enfamil, producing adorable images featuring her own kids and others.

Lisa embraces any project she is given with enthusiasm, has a secret talent for sourcing people for photoshoots and always strives to bring her A-game no matter what. We are excited for what the future holds for this budding photographer, scroll down to find out about Lisa's creative journey so far.

Warning: Adorable babies ahead!

Let’s meet Lisa

Photography has always been an interest of mine. I’ve worked in childcare my whole life, photographing children during play and I’ve always tried to find ways to make the photos more appealing for the families. Once I had my own children, I really began to further develop my skills and love for photography.

I’ve really only just begun my journey with lifestyle and portrait photography. However as I continue to build confidence in my photography, I am also really enjoying getting creative with product photography.

Lisa captures beautiful portraits of her family. Source: @hanging.with.the.henrys

Where Lisa's photography journey begins

I was so fortunate and grateful that Kate from Creatively Squared contacted me directly via Instagram and asked if I would be interested in participating in my very first project. Of course, I was ecstatic to join such a well respected team of creators.

In the short time I have been working with Creatively Squared, I have learnt so much about photography, and am extremely thankful for this amazing opportunity.

I would love to really focus on and pursue my passion for photography. This has definitely given me the push to believe in myself.

This is hard for me to describe my own aesthetic as I’m still learning. I like cool, minimal, crisp. (Is that even a thing?)

Lisa’s beautiful work for Huggies moms campaign. Source: Creatively Squared


Tools of the trade

I have a very simple setup where I use a Sony A7iii and that’s basically the extent of my equipment! For editing software I mostly use Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lisa's children Taleah and Anari feature in a special Huggies campaign. Source: Creatively Squared

My home is my studio and my lounge room has been used a lot for lifestyle shoots. I have a massive deck where I do most of my product photography. I also really love shooting outdoors on location at the beach and water.

Lisa making the most of the outdoors with her family. Source: @hanging.with.the.henrys

So far most of my shoots have been lifestyle so it’s easy to wing it without much planning. I’m hoping eventually to get more experience with product photography and will definitely plan those in advance.

Lisa's top tip

My advice would be to always take a few photos at different angles then assess which one best displays your content.

Lisa captures the cutest angels for a Huggies Baby campaign. Source: Creatively Squared

What's next for Lisa

I definitely want to learn more about lighting, product photography and videos.

An adorable moment captured. Source: Lisa Henry

Thank you Lisa for sharing your journey with us. We are looking forward to working with you more in the future and helping you develop your product photography more. Follow Lisa's family journey at @hanging.with.the.henrys and her portraiture at @lisahenryimages.

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