All the inspo you need for your next brand photoshoot

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All the inspo you need for your next brand photoshoot

You’ve probably heard marketers raving about Pinterest, or even read our previous blog discussing how this platform is ripe with opportunities for brands. It's true that it is a great access point to introduce products to eager consumers that are ready to shop but we are here to show you that marketing is not the only way Pinterest can benefit your brand.

Brands can leverage Pinterest the same way that consumers do - for learning, ideas and research. If your brand is incorporating visual content in your marketing strategy, Pinterest is the perfect go-to platform for sourcing concepts for your next creative photoshoot or discovering and researching new market trends to boost your brand.

How can Pinterest help

Pinterest is a home for many concepts, ideas, and inspiring content where users can save and organise their findings from the web or other Pinterest users. These visual bookmarks are known as Pins and can be organised into personalised collections of industry-specific topics or themes known as Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest is a rich resource for marketers planning promotional campaigns or needing to brief photographers or creators. Due to their visual nature, collecting Pins can create instant moodboards and reference material for brands.

Pinterest website showing different baords about makeup and photography

At Creatively Squared we love exploring the latest trends in visual content and collecting interesting examples to help inspire both our brand partners and content creators. We've curated our own collections of vertical specific imagery based on our expertise in the visual content domain and invite our collaborators to use them for reference.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our different Pinterest boards and show you how to leverage our collections to your best advantage.

Inside Our Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards work like a real-life corkboard where you can stick your pins together just like you would with sticky notes, magazine and newspaper clippings, or photos. However; there’s more to these boards than just pinning the ideas you like. With Pinterest, you can create specialised sections on boards that fall around a single topic—making it easier to browse through content or ideas that you’re interested in.

That is why Creatively Squared worked hard to create well-crafted boards and fill them with pins that you can use as inspiration or reference for your creative projects, from how-to guides and photography tutorials to product styling tips and inspirational content.

Each pin is carefully selected and curated by our Chief Creative Officer Ruth who makes sure that our boards are up-to-date with the industry. In fact, our boards let you discover relevant trends as well as any emerging ideas from different creators and brands. This gives you a cost-efficient way of doing research for your marketing strategy and generate impactful and engaging visual content for your brand.

Board Overview

Visit our Pinterest profile and click on the Saved tab to find our different Pinterest boards.

Master boards

Our master boards are a library of visual resources where you can get inspiration from. They are vertically oriented as they are categorised according to the primary industries we serve—Beauty & Skincare, Beverages, Bags & Suitcases, and Infant care & Kids.

Pinterest master boards sample with different categorization in variety of orange and pastel colors

Inside these master boards are multiple sections with different content pillars exploring various aspects and ideas for that particular category. These sections streamline our master boards' pins so specific topics are easier to find.

Beauty & Skincare

One of our most popular and creative categories!

Sections include:

Pinterest website showing categorized boards and pins related to beauty and skincare product photography


Cheers to this comprehensive category covering a wide range of drinks and occasions.

Sections include:

Pinterest website showing categorized boards and pins related to beverage product photography

Bags & suitcases

Inspiration for travel and lifestyle brands

Pinterest website showing categorized boards and pins related to bags and suitcases product photography

Infant care & kids

Adorable collections of infant and child care products

Pinterest website showing categorized boards and pins related to infant care and kids product photography


General product styling and trend boards

Want to get inspired and discover the latest trends in product styling that you can include in your new collection? These boards are created for that purpose as we’ve saved pins that are curated by brands, creators, and ourselves!

Pinterest master boards sample with different categorization in variety of blue and pastel colors

Skincare specific boards

If you’re looking for any helpful and inspiring content for your creative campaign or mood board, our skincare specific boards feature a collection of sensorial idea starters including relevant tips, tricks, insights, and how-tos that are Pin-worthy.

Pinterest master boards sample with different categorization in variety of flesh and tamarind colors

Creatively Squared portfolio boards

This collection is dedicated to Creatively Squared projects. Here, you’ll discover how we helped health, beauty, and personal care brands create high-quality branded images and videos.

Pinterest master boards sample with different categorization in variety of gray and pastel colors

Ready to be on board?

Now that you've gotten to know our boards, you can either use the resources you've found in your workflow or save them to a Pinterest board of your own.

Creating a board is easy. Log in to your Pinterest account and on your profile click on (+) to create a board. Name the board according to your theme or idea. You have the option to keep the board private, this is helpful when the board is exclusive only to your colleagues for collaboration or brainstorming purposes for your creative project.

When you've filled in the description of your board, you can start filling the board with pins. Hop over to our Pinterest profile, explore our boards, and click on Save when you see a pin that you like. Make sure you've set the pin destination to the board where you want it to be saved.

Bonus tips for using Pinterest

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