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6 vitamin & wellness brands supplementing their socials with stunning product visuals

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Ruth Stephensen
6 vitamin & wellness brands supplementing their socials with stunning product visuals

The traditional vitamin industry has been disrupted with a new breed of Instagram-worthy wellness brands. This category has been reinvented from the ground up, with digitally native brands selling their products in personalised packaging and through subscription services.

Modern vitamin brands are also paying careful attention to things like packaging design and brand personas and as a result many have built up impressive followings on social media.

Popularity on visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest means wellness brands need to be actively creating images featuring their products and highlighting the benefits. This strikes a delicate balance between standing out, and being recognisable with a unique visual identity, but also fitting in by creating visuals that are native to the platform they are being shared on.

We have compiled a list of brands that are best in class when it comes to creating engaging and stylish product photos for their customers. Scroll down to see who made the cut!

SugarBearHair - Most creative product images

Product images from SugarBearHair are instantly recognisable due to their brand's iconic cotton candy pink and baby blue colour palette. Their visual content is artistic and experimental, presenting their packshot in a variety of creative situations. The bear shape of their gummy vitamins is also unique enough that they often don't even need the packaging in frame to achieve brand recognition.

You can see more from SugarBearHair on Instagram at @sugarbearhair

Bear - Mastery of Minimalist Product Images

It may appear simple but mastering the art of minimal product styling is actually very difficult to achieve. Bear has mastered this aesthetic and presents their products in a neutral palette with polished editorial lighting. The combination of negative space, minimal props and artistic shadows sets the mood for the viewer and allows their products to take centre stage.

You can see more from Bear on Instagram at

Vitable - Best Lifestyle Oriented Product Images

Putting your product in-situ is one of the best ways to communicate how well it complements the lifestyles of your target customers. Vitable executes this strategy perfectly by sharing images of the entire lifecycle of their product from its arrival to storage and consumption. Their use of accent colours and green living inspired props all help to support their packaging and visual brand identity.

You can see more from Vitable on Instagram at @vitablevitamins

Olly - Most Eye-catching Product Images

Olly are a brand that have taken bold blocks of colour to the next level! Having fun with both complementary and contrasting colours, as well as geometry, has created some truly eye-catching imagery for this brand. Each use of colour creates a visual tie to the individual packaging of the product they are promoting which surely helps with recognition of specific items.

You can see more from Olly on Instagram at @ollywellness


JSHealth - Best Product Images Using a Custom Palette

Instagram purists all love a colour coordinated feed and they won't be disappointed in the images shared on the account of JSHealth. Most of their product shots embrace a quiet simplicity with a lifestyle tone in neutral colours. However, JSHealth haven't avoided colour altogether in their styled product images and many of them feature colour pops or solid backdrops in their signature blush tone.

You can see more from JSHealth on Instagram at @jshealthvitamins

Flo - Best Product Shots with People

We love how Flo have used models and people in their images in a unique way and don't just rely on traditional poses with products. Many of their shots convey a sense of fun and whimsy and presents the product in a creative situation. They have done a great job of creating images consistent with their signature pink colour palette and have thought about everything from clothing to backdrops and props.

You can see more from Flo on Instagram at @flovitamins

One thing all of these brands have done well is craft a signature visual style throughout their visuals. If you are a brand and would like help creating more images or videos of your products Creatively Squared is here to help! This creative production platform helps leading brands worldwide scale up their content production with native visuals—just like these—for digital marketing.

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