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5 things alcohol brands crushing it on Instagram have in common

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Arlene Hildago
5 things alcohol brands crushing it on Instagram have in common

For months we've been closely watching what alcohol brands that are active on social media are posting and promoting. We've analysed the channels, frequency and content of their posts and it turns out that there is one thing all of these brands have in common: they're dominating Instagram.

Analysing the activity of brands succeeding in this space has provided several insights into why specific posts work better than others. Using these examples as inspiration we'll be sharing what we've learned with five top tips to make your brand stand out on Instagram.

If you want your customers to continue engaging with your brand, then keep reading!

Why Instagram Has Been Calling The Shots

There is no denying that Instagram is an effective way to connect with consumers and our research shows that the reach and engagement is an impressive 10x higher than any other social channel.

The average alcohol engagement rate for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is at 0.14%, 0.08%, and 1.53%. So, if you want to get your content in front of more potential consumers, it's time for an Instagram takeover!

When it comes to paid promotions, on Facebook, alcohol ads have the highest cost per click at $0.20, making it all the more crucial for brands to think creatively about how to make each engagement and impression count.

How We Got Into The Spirit of Things

Taking a closer look at some general findings and analyzing the products and strategies of different alcohol brands that have won top awards in the industry, we derived some exciting results.

What Do The Alcohol Brands That Are Crushing It On Instagram Have In Common?

1. Post Six or More Times Per Week

The alcohol industry has come a long way since the days of single picture-perfect shots. In today's digital age, brands are finding that posting more frequently on social media is key to learning what audiences respond to and want to see more of.

We go out with organic content, we see what’s working and what isn’t and we adjust accordingly. If content is working, we fuel it with the media plan, and if it’s not, we can either pull it or modify it. Rather than relying on old-school traditional research, we have trigger points based on performance in the real world that inform how we invest our media Richard Oppy, VP of global brands for Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The most successful companies in this space post 6 or more times per week - with photos and carousels (surprisingly not videos) being by far the best type of content for driving engagement and conversion rates!

2. Think Globally, Act Locally

Brands understand the importance of a personal connection with their customers. This is why most global alcohol brands have created local or regional social accounts to provide content that closely relates to those markets.

Localising the content and posts for each individual market enables a more accurate cultural representation and is therefore more relevant to social audiences.

Personalising content for different regions can centre around events and cultural occasions, local drinking culture or typical activities or characteristics of daily life.

3. Combine Booze and Food

Food and drink have gone hand in hand for centuries and alcohol brands are no exception. 60% of the alcohol brand accounts on social media currently have at least one recent post presenting their drinks with food.

Whether it's a complete meal or bite-sized finger food, pairing your beverage with food recommendations takes your audience on a visual journey of what enjoying your brand feels like. The incorporation of food helps add important social context and inspires your audience to imagine consumption occasions centered around your brand.

Some alcohol brands are even taking it one step further by sharing delicious creations featuring their products such as Jeptha Creed with their spirit infused dessert recipes.


4. Get Creative With Ingredients & Flavors

If you are a drinks brand that features varieties of different flavours, or has unique ingredients, then you have an opportunity to integrate these as visual cues for your customers.

Using recognisable flavours and ingredients helps enhance the user experience in situations where they can't touch or taste your product.

Whether they are used as eye-catching props or unique garnishes, brands have the opportunity to totally reinvent how drinks are prepared and displayed by incorporating these different flavors in new and unique ways!

For example New Distillery announces brand new products with hints of ingredients that make you imagine how you'll enjoy them and Remy Martin superimposes images of explosive aromas that lead to the reveal of seemingly endless flavors.

5. Mix It Up

Alcohol brands have found a new way to capture the imagination of drinkers through creative mixology. This presents their audiences with new and exciting ways to consume their products such as mouth-watering cocktails or fun serving suggestions for every occasion.

Brands can create different beverages inspired by seasonal ingredients, events and occasions. This helps connect with local customers in culturally relevant ways and can capitalise on current trends. One only needs to visit Pinterest to see that the possibilities for mixing and serving alcoholic drink are pretty much endless.

Creating a perfect garnish or colourful concoction is not only exciting visually, but it can inspire consumers to style and drink your product and perhaps share a snap or two on Instagram themselves!

Faced With The Hard Stuff?

People expressing themselves through social media has evolved so fast in just a short period; it's no surprise that many alcohol companies now use this platform as their primary marketing strategy and use the alcohol content tips we’ve just shown.

Creating an experience around your brand—whether it be social or sensory—is key to connecting with digital audiences. Implementing relevant content trends will help craft brand loyalty by tapping into what really matters to your audience and keep the Happy Hour vibes going with every post.

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