5 creative ways to use fabric in product photography

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Jitz Lim
5 creative ways to use fabric in product photography

Integrating fabric into your product shots or still life photography is a simple way to add interest, texture and depth. In fact, fabric may just be one of the most accessible and versatile items you can use in photography.

We have rounded up our top 5 techniques for working with fabric - complete with video demonstrations:

1. Command attention with a swirl

Swirling the fabric around your subject matter creates lines that lead your eyes right to the focal point.

2. Add some flow and movement

Set your camera timer, or use burst mode, then sway your fabric back and forth for a soft and elegant look.

3. Create a soft, dreamy background

Gently crumple a soft silky fabric to create texture and add depth to your background.

4. Add some allure with a reveal

Drape your fabric and and gently pull it away from your subject-as though you're revealing a surprise.

5. Elevate your subject

Simply twist and place a piece of linen underneath the product to raise your subject from the background to create focus and soften all the hard edges in the image.

Are you feeling inspired to add some texture and flow to your next product shoot?

You don't need to run off to your local haberdashery store for fabric samples to achieve these effects. Experiment with household linens, pillowcases or blouses and knitwear.

If you do wish to purchase specific fabric samples it is relatively inexpensive and as you've seen they can be used in a multitude of ways!

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