15 product photographers to follow on Instagram right now

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Chrizelle Monique Sta. Cruz
15 product photographers to follow on Instagram right now

Found yourself in a creative rut for your next product photography shoot? We've got a quick fix and source of inspiration for you!

Many visual content creators from all over the world share their work and creative processes on Instagram, giving us an inside view of photography and visual content from an entirely new perspective. Instagram is an endless sea of daily creative inspiration, from how-to guides, tips and hacks videos, to behind-the-scenes content.

So when the next wave of creative block hits, following inspiring product photographers on Instagram to spice up your feed can help you breakthrough!

To help ignite that creative spark we’ve listed 15 of our favourite product photographers that you can follow to get inspired for your next project.

David Newton

When it comes to beauty and luxury product photography, you’d definitely want to have a scroll through the Instagram account of still life photographer David Newton (@davidnewtonphotography). Imagination has no limits for David and the photos he takes are both artistic and refined which adds a premium luxury feel to the brands he works with.

Amanda Campeanu

Want some dreamy pastel-hued inspiration for your next shoot? Commercial photographer and videographer Amanda Campeanu (@amandacampeanu) has got a portfolio filled with product photography eye candy. Amanda also shares lots of editing tips, ideas and behind-the-scenes content so you can learn how she does it!

Weekend Creative

Every day feels like a Saturday with Weekend Creative's (@weekendcreative) fun editorial product shoots. Their aesthetic is quirky and playful and they regularly experiment with new creative ideas that bring out the best of every product. This team also shares regular tips to help photographers run their own business and tackles tricky subjects like negotiating contracts and how to price services.

Yaroslav Danylchenko

Photography meets conceptual art in the Instagram account of Yaroslav Danylchenko (@danylchenkocom). This food and product advertising photographer bends reality and puts a creative twist on commercial product photography. If you want to see a mix of composite art, traditional photography and artistic renders this account has the full spectrum!


Looking to level up your photography with some animation? Don't miss the incredible stop motion work from Alina (@so.daze). This Instagram account is filled with stop motion inspiration and behind the scenes content showing how she created each animation. You'll be amazed watching it all come together!

Coco Peri

Ready to put your creativity in motion? We have another animation expert who will spark your creativity. Coco Peri (@colette.peri) is an inspiring stop motion creator who shares her work and insider tips for other aspiring creators to build their own business.

Ksenia Bolshakova

If you love working with beauty and skincare brands then Ksenia Bolshakova (@kse.bolshakova) should be on your following list. This brand photographer takes polished editorial images worthy of a glossy magazine. You'll love her artistic concepts and flawless style, Ksenia's images are a wealth of inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing.


Amy Shamblen

Talented creator Amy Shamblen (@amyshamblen) has a distinctive colour block aesthetic with defined shadows. Amy's creative concepts are playful and she often experiments with repeating patterns and geometric arrangements. We love her quirky compositions and artistic statements.

Alisha Cohen

Want to inject some vibrance into your work? You'll be sure to find some daily inspiration from Alisha Cohen (@lishcreative). Her account is filled with cheerful, colourful images and stop motions for beauty, lifestyle, food, and beverage brands.

Andoni Beristain

Still life meets the surreal on the Instagram account of Andoni Beristain (@andoniberistain). This talented photographer and art director creates out-of-this-world compositions featuring inanimate objects and products. If you’re searching for some quirky and conceptual ideas for your next shoot, you'll find all the inspiration you need from Andoni.

Nikki Astwood

Need a little inspiration for your brand imagery? Product styling queen Nikki Astwood @revisededitionstyle is the master of many aesthetics's if her Instagram is anything to go by! A talented photographer, art director, and product stylist in one, Nikki shares images from her recent client shoots along with tips and information on how she sets up the scene for each shoot.

Dina Belenko

When it comes to creative and unique concepts—that often border on being a little spooky—Dina Balenko (@dinabelenko) is a photographer to watch. Dina's work is highly conceptual and weaves photography with composite art that will take your imagination to far away places.

Aneta Laura

Creative product photographer Aneta Laura (@anetalauradotcom) has a portfolio filled with inspiring product images for any aspiring skincare, beauty, and wellness product photographers. Aneta's images are refined and polished and her colour coordinated insta feed is an utter delight to scroll through!

Jonathon Kambouris

From product photography, motion videos, to conceptual shoots, this award-winning photographer and director Jonathon Kambouris (@the_mrjk) has a client portfolio that most creators would dream of! Working with premium beauty brands, Jonathon artfully experiments with light and texture to add visual impact to each shot.

Helen Koker

Art director and multi disciplinary creative Helek Koker (@helenkoker) specialises in creating captivating and often minimalist content for brands. Often employing natural textures and props, she combines geometric and organic shapes to hero the products in each shoot.

We hope you found some new accounts to be inspired by and enrich your experience on Instagram.  Many of these product photographers share their tips and learnings along the way so you can improve your technique as you go.

If you'd like extra support in your product photography journey we'd love to have you join us in our creative community. You'll be able to connect with other creators, refine your skills and get access to paid opportunities with brands!  Membership is free so join us today.

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